Ukraine’s Victory over Russia Is the Only Way to Save Europe from Russian Invasion

After Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s triumphal European tour, in which Ukraine was promised new military assistance, including air defense systems, and the 2.7 billion euro aid package from Germany (the largest one during the entire full-scale war), Russia has committed another war crime. On May 16, the most massive missile-drone attack on Kyiv was carried out during the entire period of hostilities. In addition to 12 ballistic and cruise missiles and a few drones, the Russians used 6 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, which were previously characterized by Russian propaganda as “invincible”. All air targets attacking Kyiv were destroyed. The missile attack on Ukraine costs Russia at least 120 million US dollars. Western air defense systems have once again proven their absolutely superiority over Russian weapons. The West has everything it needs to neutralize the Russian threat, which has become common to the entire civilized world. This can be achieved only by unconditional victory of Ukraine over Russia. Otherwise, the Russians will invade Europe: Putin sees this as the end of his rule and the destruction of Western civilization.

Western weapons stopped what was probably the most massive terrorist attack the Russians were planning to carry out. All Russian missiles flying towards residential areas of Kyiv were destroyed: thanks to Western weapons, hundreds, if not thousands, of Kyiv residents did not become victims of another Russian war crime by the morning of May 16. Putin fails, so he systematically uses terror as a way of waging war. Russia cannot achieve any of the goals of the so-called “SMO”, in fact, a war of conquest to occupy a sovereign state. Therefore, Putin’s current goal is the genocide of Ukrainians, which the Russian army is carrying out under Kremlin orders.

The other side of the war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine is the preparation for war with Europe. Even the Soviet military doctrine encouraged mass crimes against the civilian population of the countries invaded by the Russian army. Therefore, what is happening in Ukraine is a prologue to the bloody crimes against the Europeans, whom Putin hates and wants to destroy.

The power of the Russian army is a myth that has been skillfully cultivated by Russian propaganda for years. The West can and should contribute to the victory of Ukraine over the common enemy of the civilized world. Despite the primitiveness and archaism of the Russian army, Putin relies on quantity at the expense of quality. There is still a sufficient mobilization resource in the Russian Federation and a massive stockpile of Soviet weapons. He can continue low-intensity conflict for years. Therefore, a quick, technological victory of Ukraine over Russia should become a prologue for the formation of a new, stable security system.