The Biggest Crime of the 21st Century: Putin Officially Commits the Genocide of Ukrainians by Using Cold

The destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is a genocide of Ukrainians carried out by Putin. Russia will systematically attacks energy facilities to cause maximum destruction and make Ukrainian ecities unfit for life. This is already happening: as predicted, missile strikes intensified with the onset of winter cold. Ukraine must be equipped with anti-missile and air defense systems, which are the main guarantee of protection against Russian missiles. The energy sector of Ukraine needs the necessary equipment for repair work, and the cities need electricity generators that will prevent Ukrainians from freezing. The West is quite capable of helping Ukraine to survive this winter — perhaps the most difficult in the last 80 years, and this will bring the common victory over Putin — the common enemy of the entire civilized world — much closer.

90 years ago, Stalin organized the Holodomor: a carefully planned a genocide-by-famine of Ukrainians, resulting in the deaths of nearly 10 million people. History has a tendency to repeat itself, and these days Putin has started another Holodomor, using winter cold as a weapon of mass destruction.

The Russian army has suffered a series of defeats and was forced to retreat from the occupied territories of Ukraine, and Putin was unable to obtain a negotiating pause during which he would consolidate the Russian presence in the occupied territories of Ukraine and accumulate enough weapons for another full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Putin is furious that the Ukrainians do not agree to be occupied by Russia, and this prompts him to commit genocide. In fact, Russia will never put up with the existence of an independent Ukraine. Historically, Ukraine had many wars with Russia, which always pursued one main goal: the complete occupation of Ukraine and the complete destruction of disloyal Ukrainians, while Moscow always tried to turn the rest into defenceless slaves. Even in the 21st century Putin is using the same barbaric method again.

Any negotiations with Russia are a dialogue with a maniac who is obsessed with the thirst to kill. There is only one way to stop Russia: to critically exhaust its army. After the so-called “arms race” with the West, Russia were exhausted and defeated. As a result, the world was free from bloody Russian invasions for 30 years. Putin has consistently increased Russia’s military potential, financing a lot in the military, aiming for future bloody expansions. In 2022, Ukraine became the Kremlin’s first target, and its first defeat. This fateful moment should be used by the West to weaken Russia in the future, which can be achieved by strengthening the Ukrainian army.

The actions of the Russian army in Ukraine are a symbiosis of terrorism and war crimes. Putin should find himself in complete international isolation, the West should introduce all possible sanctions against Russia and break diplomatic relations with it. Russia is a priori a terrorist state, and this must be recognized at the official level. These are not extreme steps, but a strict necessity, because only in this case Russia will be so exhausted that it will not be able to resort to territorial expansion.