Symbol of Red Terror: Russians in Germany Display the Soviet Flag and Call the Germans “Nazis”

On the eve of May 9, Russian propaganda launched large-scale propaganda in Europe, spreading everything that reminds of the Soviet Union. The CCE countries and East Germany (GDR) were under the Kremlin’s control until 1990. Today, Russia is openly hinting to Europe that the latter was once under actual Soviet occupation, and the Russian diaspora, which is numerous in the EU countries, primarily in Germany, organizes demonstrations with Soviet symbols, calling the Germans “Nazis”. This is a classic Russian propaganda method created to divide and split the European community in the face of a potential Russian threat.

The Soviet occupation brought incredible damage to the countries of Eastern Europe: thousands of deported and executed civilians, destroyed cities, exported industry and specialists. In Germany alone, Russians raped 2 million German women in 1945. This what the bloody Soviet occupation is, as a result of which the tyrant Stalin took the place of Hitler. For years, Soviet and later Russian propaganda popularized and glorified the Soviet army, which in reality was a silent instrument of enslaving the peoples of Europe to please Soviet tyrants.

Today, dictator Putin has unleashed a war of conquest against Ukraine. From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russian troops committed multiple war crimes in Ukraine, repeating the “feats” of their grandfathers in Europe in 1945. Russian propaganda deliberately refers to the date of May 9 in order to promote their narratives in the EU countries for the sake of their split. Russians living in Europe practically do not adopt the European way of life even after many years. They are also the perfect environment for searching for agents of influence, which are later used by Russian special services. The demonstration of the Soviet flag is a direct challenge to the European community, which has united against attempts to occupy a sovereign country and the threat of a subsequent invasion of Europe. Putin tests Europe by recalling the crimes committed by the Soviet army in 1945. Russia poses an existential threat to all mankind. Its aggressive warfare has no right to go beyond the borders of Ukraine: this will cause the collapse of the civilizational West. Everything related to Soviet symbols — a symbol of a misanthropic system, should be banned in the civilized world.