Russia keeps purposefully hitting civilian targets in Ukraine

Today, another three children have become innocent victims of Putin’s army. These photos of Russian crimes should be seen by the whole world:

On the morning of July 14, the sound of an air-raid siren was heard in many regions across Ukraine as the Ukrainian military recorded missile launches from the Black Sea. Around 11:00, Russian missiles hit the center of Vinnytsia, a city deep in the rear, in central Ukraine. After a period or rains, a sunny day finally set so plenty of civilians were out in the city center: mothers with children, students, and the elderly.

It was later verified that the Russians cruise missiles from a submarine, deployed in the Black Sea. Four missiles were downed by the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces, while three of them hit an office building and crowded square. As of 14:00, the death toll rose to 20. Among the victims are three children. More than 90 people were injured, 50 of whom are in grave condition.

The attack on the city center was carried out by high-precision Kalibr missiles, whose maximum deviation from the target is 2 two 4 meters, which means that the attack was a deliberate act, targeting civilian crowds. Russia has chosen the tactics of terrorizing the civilian population of Ukraine. Putin’s army is killing civilians with the aim of intimidating and demoralizing Ukrainians in order to facilitate the outflow of Ukrainians from the country and undermine public resistance to Russian expansion. Western powers must drastically reconsider their attitude towards Russia as a state practicing terrorism at the level of government policy. Russia should be recognized as a terrorist state!