Russia is obsessed with hatred for all mankind: Medvedev called for the destruction of infrastructure and the killing of representatives of Western governments

On December 16, D. Medvedev wrote a post in his Telegram, in which he actually detailed the planned Russian strikes on infrastructure and decision-making centers in Western countries (NATO). Russia, with the mouth of a high-ranking official, once again confirms that it is preparing for a protracted war, and the preparation and arrangement of defensive lines and bomb shelters throughout Russia indicate that Putin’s ultimate goal is a war with the West.

Russia professes a misanthropic ideology and seeks to destroy the civilized and democratic part of humanity, as well as to enslave those who will be under Russian occupation. The Kremlin does not accept a different civilizational paradigm, this is formed historically.

Ukraine has become the epicenter of the formation of the future architecture of international relations: if Putin gets revenge at the front, this will mean the revival and triumph of totalitarianism and the de facto return of humanity to bloc confrontation times, that is Putin’s dream, he does not perceive a different worldview paradigm. And then the “great war”, perhaps the most catastrophic in the history of mankind, will only be a matter of time. Putin has created an unprecedentedly dangerous situation: the challenges and threats created by Russia leave the West no choice but to respond and solve them by force. It is still possible to make it real by supporting Ukraine and providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the necessary weapons.

Russia professes a misanthropic ideology — rushism. After massive rocket attacks on Ukraine on December 16, Russian telegram channels called them “rockets of goodness” that “liberate Ukraine.” The system created by Putin in Russia during the 23 years of his reign is not only criminal, but also grotesquely absurd. Russia is really obsessed with the occupation of neighboring territories: historically, it expanded exclusively in this way, spreading over 1/6 of the land during the time of the Russian Empire. Putin seeks to revive Russia’s imperial reality, including wars of conquest. Ukraine here is only the first stage of the global confrontation that Russia has planned. Defensive fortifications are being built all over Russia, and bomb shelters are being set up in large cities. Russia is really preparing for a long war, and its geography depends only on the military resources that the Russian army will have. In this regard, the probable Russian invasion of other countries is not an exaggeration, but a harsh reality.

Ukraine really needs the help from the West. First of all, air defense, in order to create an “air shield” from Russia’s genocidal missile strikes. Ukrainians live in a difficult winter for them after 1991. The Armed Forces of Ukraine protect not only their families and their land, they protect Europe from Russian tyranny. Russia is quickly adapting to the shock of sanctions and de facto wartime conditions. Putin can still be stopped. To do this, it is necessary to turn the Armed Forces of Ukraine into an army armed with functional and modern weapons, and then it will defeat the occupier on its own. This is the best option for eliminating the Russian threat compared to the future Russia’s hostilities in European cities.

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