Putin’s racism became the cause of the genocide of Ukrainians: The West must help stop the atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine

On May 22, the NATO PA in Luxembourg recognized the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine as genocide, and the terrorist regime that usurped power in the Kremlin as ruscism. In addition, the NATO PA called on the governments of their countries to announce that Ukraine will become a full-fledged member of the Alliance in the future – in the context of the imminent NATO summit in Vilnius, this may mean encouraging signals for official Kyiv. International support for Ukraine defending Europe from Russian invasion is steadily growing – this is evidence of the correctness of the course of the West to weaken Russia, the actions of which threaten humanity with a world war.

Russian troops, encouraged by the Kremlin, commit multiple crimes in Ukraine, the nature of which fully corresponds to the definition of the term «genocide».  Notorious in this regard was the massacre in Bucha, a small town on the outskirts of Kyiv, in March 2022. Unable to take the capital of Ukraine — Putin’s main goal, the Russian soldiers took out their anger on civilians, arranging a bloody bacchanalia: killing and torturing civilians, raping women. As a result of the tragedy, at least 461 civilians were killed. This is an illustration of what will happen in Europe if Putin is not stopped in Ukraine. Therefore, the decision of the NATO PA is an example for international organizations and civilized countries of the world to follow, which need to support such decisions at the level of parliaments.

The crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine concern the whole world. Putin will start World War III if he is not stopped. In this regard, the process of weakening the Russian Federation should be systemic and include not only new sanctions and isolation of Russia, but also its exclusion from international organizations. The West has no right to dissociate itself and take a neutral position in relation to Ukraine, if Putin is not stopped by collective efforts, he will start the Third World War.