AG says we should refrain from commenting on sanctions to preserve credibility of our country

Attorney General George Savvides said we must refrain from making too many statements regarding the US and UK sanctions imposed on Cypriot natural persons and entities, noting that we must preserve the credibility of our country abroad, reported In-Cyprus.

While making statements on the sidelines of a Pasydy conference on Tuesday in Nicosia, Savvides was asked to say whether he received information in relation to the second sanctions package.

He responded by saying that the issue of sanctions is “a very delicate issue” and said that “we should refrain from making too many statements on the matter.”

Noting that this is not just a legal matter he said that his office is working and studying “both the information that we receive from the various countries and various other complaints that come from other agencies and do what needs to be done.”

“Apart from the fact that these are serious matters which are being examined by the police, the credibility of our country abroad is also being judged and we must be particularly restrained,” he concluded.

Authorities have issued a warning to the public regarding a new scam around fraudulent messages related to postal shipments.

The primary objective of these messages is to deceive unsuspecting individuals, leading to the theft of money and personal data, police said.

Specifically, scammers contact individuals through phone messages pertaining to pending package deliveries via trusted postal services. False information is conveyed, insisting that recipients must settle customs fees before their packages can be successfully delivered. The fraudulent messages include an embedded hyperlink, enticing recipients to click and proceed with the payment process.

Police urge citizens to be cautious and refrain from clicking suspicious links. Clicking on them poses a substantial risk of financial loss through unauthorized access to bank accounts and the compromise of sensitive personal information.

To safeguard against falling victim to this fraudulent scheme, individuals expecting the arrival of postal packages are advised to take precautionary measures. This includes verifying the status of their shipments by directly contacting the respective seller or sender, or by reaching out to the courier company responsible for the delivery.