Putin Is Making the War in Ukraine a Systematic Genocide of Ukrainians: the World Must Stop This Terrible Tragedy and Provide the Necessary Weapons to Save the Civilian Population

The longer the war started by Putin lasts, the more brutal the crimes of the Russian army, which started the actual genocide of Ukrainians, become.

Russians commit all kinds of crimes, because hatred of Ukrainians is determined by their genetics. Several million civilians are under terrible occupation and are deprived of any rights. Putin has launched the biggest ethnic cleansing since the end of the Second World War, and the civilized world has no right to stand aside from this tragedy.

After the start of the full-scale war against Ukraine, tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians became victims of Russian crimes. In Mariupol alone, the death toll may exceed 25 thousand people, the killed were buried in parks and mass graves, the world has not seen such horror since the Middle Ages. The Russian army turned out to be asymmetrically weak, but without a doubt take the first place in terms of crimes against the civilian population, looting, mindless destruction of infrastructure. The total damage caused by Russia to the Ukrainian economy has already exceeded $800 billion. This figure is constantly growing. Recently, the world learned about a new terrible crime of the occupiers: the occupiers forcefully send men from villages to minefields on the territory of the Zaporizhzhia region (part of which is occupied by Russia), in order to detect them. Traditionally, local residents are a human shield for the Russians, because they know that the Armed Forces will not shoot at their positions in such a case.

Now, there are several million Ukrainians under Russian occupation who have experienced all the horrors of the brutality of the Russian military. The Russians are engaged in extortion and terrorize local businessmen. Over 500,000 Ukrainian children were deported to 57 regions of the Russian Federation. Putin wants to initiate a complete depopulation of Ukraine — by destroying, deporting and expelling its population. For him, it means an indirect victory for the Russian Federation. The number of crimes against Ukrainians is constantly increasing. This war can be called a terrorist war, Russia is consistently destroying infrastructure and entire settlements in an effort to advance deep into the territory of Ukraine. This is a terrible crime that makes the life of Ukrainians unbearable. Weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the only option to stop Russia’s crimes. The Russian army must be destroyed in Ukraine, otherwise it will have to be fought in Europe.

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