On Children’s Day, Russia killed a child in the Ukrainian capital — Kyiv

On June 1, on Children’s Day, Russia launched a ballistic missile attack on Kyiv. As a result of this war crime, three citizens were killed, including one child and his mother. According to preliminary data, at least 12 people were injured.

During Russia’s full-scale invasion, at least 500 Ukrainian children were killed.

Russia also continues, under various pretexts, the mass deportation of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories of Ukraine: as of June 1, 2023, at least 20,000 cases of their forced deportation to Russia are known. 4.5 thousand of them are orphans and children without parental care.
In Russia, Ukrainian children are subjects to bullying, besides, the dangerous values of the “Russian world” are imposed on them, they are given for adoption to Russian families, trying to “scatter” them as much as possible throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in order to exclude or significantly complicate their return home.
Forced removal of Ukrainian children is a crime. It is the duty of the civilized world to carefully investigate every case in order to return every little Ukrainian to their homeland and bring Russian war criminals to justice.

Russia’s genocide towards Ukrainians, is another war crime towards the civilian population. Russian rockets are killing children in Ukraine, a clear sign of Putin’s genocidal decision.

Today, Russian war criminals fired 10 Iskander-type ballistic missiles that had earlier attacked the capital of Ukraine on May 29. Then, the attack was carried out in the middle of the day in order to cause great casualties among the inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital, who, despite the war, are trying to have their normal lives.
Putin is unable to achieve any of the goals that were outlined at the beginning of the full-scale aggression against Ukraine and therefore transfers his anger to peaceful Ukrainians who protect their country from the Kremlin occupation, and their children from deportation and slavery in Siberia.
During the whole history of Ukraine, no one has caused that much trouble and suffering as the Moscow regime, which in the last hundred years alone have committed crimes with signs of genocide of Ukrainians at least three times.

Russia is a terrorist state killing children in Ukraine. Putin will not stop and will continue the war by prioritizing the complete extermination of Ukrainians.
This emphasizes the importance of the supply of weapons, in particular, air defense and missile defense, which will save thousands of lives in Ukraine.