Comment of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus regarding a number of events to be held on the territory of Cyprus on May 5-7, 2023, sponsored by the EU sanctioned «All-Russia People’s Front»

It is with deep disappointment that the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus draws attention to the fact that the so-called «Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of Cyprus» has been granted permission to hold, on the eve of the Day of Commemoration of the Victims of the Second World War, a number of events in various cities of Cyprus.
In particular, the public events called «Fire of Remembrance» are being held in the cities of Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia, sponsored by the pro-Kremlin movement «All-Russia People’s Front».
Conducting such activities in one of the European countries by an organization that is on the EU sanctions list (10th package of sanctions, link — 10th package of sanctions on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine: the EU includes additional 87 individuals and 34 entities to the EU’s sanctions list — Consilium (, is not only a manifestation of neglect by the Russian authorities of European legislation, but also an audacious attempt to involve the responsible municipal and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Cyprus in a deliberate violation of EU decisions.
At a time when Ukraine is fighting for its right to exist for the ninth year in a row, and the courageous Ukrainian people are fighting every day for a peaceful democratic future not only for their citizens, but also for the whole of Europe, we consider the granting of permits to hold public meetings in the Republic of Cyprus by an organization banned on the territory of the European Union is a cynical and immoral gesture towards all Ukrainians.
In this extremely difficult time for our country, the majority of European countries have clearly defined their position regarding the support of Ukraine and its citizens, and stood on the side of truth and light. The political leadership of the Republic of Cyprus has repeatedly strongly condemned the full-scale Russian military invasion of the territory of Ukraine, and has been and remains in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.
The Embassy of Ukraine once again calls on the municipal and competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus to pay careful attention to the activities of the so-called of the «Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of Cyprus», as well as to carefully investigate the main goal and purpose of this organization’s future activities.