Ukraine’s Victory over Russian Aggression Is the Key to the Peaceful Life of All of Europe

The Russian Federation, having invaded the territory of the independent state of Ukraine, seriously challenged the entire civilized world and called into question the established borders of Europe. Moscow tried to start the process of redivision of the world. Other dictatorial regimes may repeat the Kremlin’s actions and will implement such a scenario. That is why the entire Western community must unite against Russian aggression, resist and demonstrate that any encroachments on the territory of independent European countries are unacceptable.

It is worth noting that today the Ukrainian army is the strongest on the continent, its soldiers have an incredible combat experience. The high level professionalism allows the Ukrainian military to rearm itself quickly with new NATO equipment and master art of war developed by the best NATO military. That is why the NATO Summit in Vilnius should become an important stage of Ukraine’s preparation for full membership. However, don’t underestimate the enemy and forget that the Russian military machine is a very powerful, and is in the hands of the criminal regime of Vladimir Putin, including nuclear forces. Military and financial aid to Ukraine should not be stopped even for a moment, because on the eve of a counteroffensive, the Ukrainian military needs real support, close political and military cooperation with NATO countries. The victory of Ukraine is the victory of the whole of Europe, because Russian expansion to the West will not stop at once. Recall that on May 9, the Russian deputy Andrey Gorshechnikov openly threatened Estonia with the expansion of the so-called “special military operation” on the territory of the country, calling it “separated from its historical homeland by artificial borders.” And there are dozens of such threats, they should not be neglected.

The Russian-Ukrainian war should end exclusively with the return to the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine within the framework of 1991 and Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Successful counteroffensive actions will put an end to the territorial expansion initiated by Vladimir Putin and eliminate the threat of border changes in Europe itself. Ukraine’s accession to NATO will never again allow Moscow to violate international law.