Russia Is a Terrorist State that Kills Civilians and Destroys the Civilian and Housing Infrastructure of Ukraine

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops have committed at least 70,000 crimes – these are only documented cases, because there is no data on such crimes that took place in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Russia has not only caused enormous economic and demographic damage to Ukraine, it is trying to erase the Ukrainian identity from the population under occupation, massively imposing on Ukrainian children the idea of “Russkiy mir”. Every crime committed by Russia in Ukraine should become the evidence base for recognizing Russia as a terrorist state.

Putin was unable to occupy Ukraine: already in March 2022, when the Armed Forces liberated the northern regions of Ukraine from the occupiers, it became clear that Russia is not capable of enslaving Ukrainians. So the Kremlin has changed tactics and is trying to cause as much damage and suffering to Ukrainian citizens as possible. According to the UN estimates, at least 8,490 Ukrainian civilians died, including 485 children, as a result of the Russian invasion. Only in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast, the Russians killed 461 civilians. Regular Russian troops torture, outrage and slaughter. The Wagner Group mercenaries are terrorists who violate the laws of war and have been seen torturing and killing prisoners of war.

The Russians deported at least 19,500 small Ukrainian children from Ukraine, often separating them from their parents. There are teachers and textbooks from the Russian Federation in schools and universities in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Russia is trying to “erase” Ukrainian identity, something similar was made by the USSR, trying to make Ukrainians Russians. In addition to huge demographic losses, the Russians caused the destruction of housing and industrial infrastructure, in particular, 143,800 houses in Ukraine were partially or completely destroyed. Russian shelling of the frontline and border territories of Ukraine takes place every day and leads to new victims and destruction. The Russians are shelling not only populated areas, but also the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Trying to blackmail Ukraine and the West, they threaten millions of people with a radiation disaster. On June 6, 2023, the Russians blew up the Kakhovka HPP, which was mined last year. This will lead to an ecological disaster and a lack of fresh water for several regions of Ukraine, depriving them of their crops, and the local population – of drinking water and water for domestic needs. This terrorist attack is a war crime, because such objects are protected by the Geneva Convention, their destruction can lead to tragic consequences for the civilian population.

Considering the above, Russia poses a threat to Europe with territorial expansion, large-scale terrorist attacks, pollution and devastation of millions of square kilometers of a territory. Russia should be recognized as a terrorist state and pay reparations to Ukraine.