Putin Is Trying to Enslave the World, Like Stalin and Hitler during World War II

The war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine suggests that the world is on the verge of a complete redivision. As you know, history tends to repeat itself, and this is happening now. In 1939, the USSR and Germany divided Poland, and today Russia is trying to take away Ukraine’s independence and freedom.

In addition to the partition of Poland, in 1942, Joseph Stalin proposed to Adolf Hitler to divide the whole world among themselves. This is confirmed by an official document declassified from the archive dated February 19, 1942, in which the USSR offers Germany to cease fire, jointly start a war against the United States and England and divide the world in the future.

Appeal of the USSR to Germany in Russian:

The boundaries proposed by the USSR to the German troops to retreat and start negotiations on the division of the world:

On how the USSR proposed Nazi Germany to divide the world:

Judging by the document, part of Eastern Europe, an extended part of Alaska and India were to be ceded to the USSR, while the USA, Britain, Western Europe, Australia and Antarctica — to Germany.

Moscow is trying to justify the war in Ukraine with slogans allegedly about the fight against Nazism and Russophobia, emphasizing that their ancestors did this during the Second World War. If you look at the declassified joint document of the NKVD and the GESTAPO dated November 11, 1938, then you can safely say that their ancestors directly collaborated with the Nazis and adopted their practice in sterilizing and destruction of people with certain external signs (red hair, strabismus, large birthmarks, etc.). There can be no talk of the genteelness of the Soviet Union:

Both the USSR and Nazi Germany are both evil, because of which millions of innocent people suffered.

Analyzing the aggressive policy of Vladimir Putin against the West, the unleashed war in Ukraine, the gas and nuclear blackmails of Europe, we can conclude that Vladimir Putin is the personification of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler in one person. The President of Russia absorbed all the negative qualities that the dictators in the USSR and Nazi Germany had. History must not repeat itself, the aggression of the Putin regime against the whole world must be stopped in the bud. The West is obliged to activate all levers of influence on Russia, arm Ukraine with everything necessary and impose destructive sanctions against the aggressor country. Only this way the Western countries will be able to keep the peace and not get involved in a new world war.