Who and what for shifts the conflict with the Orthodox Church in north to the USA and Ukraine

Scandal around Russian orthodox church is gradually increasing, moreover new surprising details are constantly popping out. After a session of Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, archbishop Chrysostomos II communicated media that this matter is «out of church`s framework» and is «connected with state`s interests».

In August, the Cypriot newspaper Phileleftheros addressed the issue whether activities of Orthodox Church in North are lawful. The matter of concern received considerable attention by both Greek and Russia media later on. 

On 30 August the Cyprus Daily News published results of their own investigation in the article «Schismatic in the service of Moscow», which reached a reasonable concern that establishment of an Orthodox Church on the territory under occupation has links with Russian intelligence. The article highlights the fact that Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus not  being an integral part of the Moscow Patriarchate is nothing, but a common hybrid strategy of Russian intelligence aiming at spreading Russian influence.

Referring to the article by Cyprus Daily News, another media, the Politis, shared the matter of concern with its own comments. The newspaper stressed that Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) issue operating on the North under authorization and blessings of the occupants is far more serious than one could imagine.

At a press-conference Chrysostomos II resented expansion of the Russian Orthodox Church on Cyprus, he said,«We have a strong position that Russian Orthodox Church shouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of the Cyprus Orthodox Church and have Sacred Congregations and priests at service.»

Additionaly, Chrysostomos II addressed the case of lawfulness of aliens` residence in the occupied territories of Cyprus in the context of illegal seizure of real estate. «If Russian-speaking citizens lived in Northern Cyprus pending the events of 1974, then the Cypriot Orthodox Church would render worship services for them,» affirmed the archbishop. He continued, «But if Russian-speaking citizens illegally settled on the occupied part of Cyprus by Turkey after 1974 and dare to live in the houses and lands of the Greek Cypriots, then this is unacceptable for us, and we urge them to leave. 

We don’t have the right to serve intruders, as we are liable to the residents who hold residence permit and owners of real estate whose property is in posession of occupants.»

We kindly attract your attention to the fact that Cyprus has been forcefully divided into two parts since 1974 after the invasion of the Turkish troops on the island. The so-called «Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus» (TRNC) is recognized only by Ankara.

For the Republic of Cyprus, aliens who enter the occupied territory from the Turkish side are already offenders, since they cross the state’s border in illegal way. These citizens settle in houses or on lands that were taken from the Greek Cypriots and do not even belong to the invaders. Therefore, those who came and settled in the occupied territories are outlawed. Actually, they are buying and selling stolen goods.

The issues raised by journalists and archbishop Chrysostomos II in connection with the operation of the Orthodox parish in the north are serious and complicated, they surely require careful study and reflection.

«I ain`t got the foggiest», responds Russia. Moscow is carrying about the other question — how to convince the crowd that the ROCOR(A) and personally Bishop Agafangel are serving the US needs, adhere to their diplomats and special services? Subsequently, they want to blame everything on the “cleric Alexei Ivanov from ROCOR (A)” as his failure, who “struggles to sow enmity between Russians and Cypriots, between the Church of Cyprus and the ROC”.

In the mid-September, five pro-Russian media sources based in Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia published articles with similar body, pictures and description of the opinion of one expert regarding the Orthodox parish in the north and relations of ROCOR (A) with the United States and Ukraine.

On September 11, a common article was published on the website of EАDaily: “How schismatics are used in the USA to pressure Orthodox churches,” which was supposedly shared from other media sources.

Alexander Voznesensky is the author and also an expert in religious matters, blogger. He said that he took up this on a voluntary basis, by the way, at the request of the founder of the Cypriot party ΕΟΠ / Εγώ ο Πολίτης  -Alexei Voloboev.

As a result of the investigation, the expert concluded that “American diplomats and military intelligence officers operate through schismatics on the territory of various chrurches in this region, thus exerting pressure on the canonical Churches.”

The article is rich with dates, full of numbers, replete with famous names. Many “arguments” and “facts” look outwardly weighty and authoritative. It literally overwhelms an unprepared reader with a texture that seems very convincing. The author professionally composes and creates an fake news. It is blatant that the author has a lot of resources at his disposal, possibly, secret state`s subsidization aimed at creation of an impressive investigation, trustworthy and credible, but still a fake.

The common mistake for courts` clerks is their underestimation of technology   and no knowledge about the existence of Frolovleaks. It`s a great database with relevant data extracted from the mailbox of the deputy director of the Institute of CIS countries, the press secretary of the Union of Orthodox Citizens, and the “church expert” Kirill Frolov. It is possible that the aythor didn`t hit upon this database, as his state`s body Roskomnadzor banned it.

In one of the leaked letters to the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Frolov discussed the meeting of Metropolitan Agafangel with KGB General Sergei Naryshkin held on June 15, 2011. At the time of the meeting, Naryshkin was the head of the Administration of President in Russia. Now he is the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR). The parties negotiated strategic appointment of the head of the Department of Church relations, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev) to Kharkiv, and then to Kyiv. You can also learn from Frolov’s correspondence that Metropolitan Agafangel carried out the personal instructions of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill.

Nevertheless, such activity of Agafangel resembles rather not an open pro-American schismatic, but an intelligence agent from Russian, whose role as independent Orthodox priest looks too artificially with nothing authentic.

Let`s get back to the plant of the investigation and, apparently, the distributor of this Kremlin hybrid propaganda.

Due to comments made by people familiar acquainted with the founder of ΕΟΠ Alexei Voloboev, he is a person far from religion. However, a few days after the release of articles in the Cyprus Daily News and Politis, Voloboev out of the blue became an ultra-Orthodox ascetic. Surprisingly, that none of media sources highlighted the name of the «ex-president of one of the Cypriot parties» mentioned in the article.

Analysis of personal Facebook page of Voloboev leads to the bottom line that there was a sharp shift in content towards Orthodoxy and the protection of the position of the Russian Orthodox Church. What for these actions were necessary?

According to our source, Voloboev said in a private conversation, «Russian embassy is very concerned about the situation with the Russian Orthodox parish» and mentioned the following, «supervisors at the Russian embassy are wondering where the information about this operation might have leaked. »

We assume that, apparently, Voloboev received an order from a certain high-ranking official from Russia or the Russian Embassy in Nicosia to support the ROC by means of attracting public attention and blame Americans for everything, which is a opinio juris in Russia.

The following matters concern: Why do the founder and leader of the Cypriot political party «I am a citizen» feel deeply concerned about the issues regarding the ROC, ROCOR, ROCOR (A) and Russian schismatics? Why a Cypriot citizen and politician, a leader of a Cypriot political party clearly defends interests of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church, while at the same time he jeopardize interests of Cyprus, Cypriots and the Cypriot Orthodox Church?

Why does Mr. Voloboev being a politician and Cypriot citizen abstain from asking Russian authorities sensible questions concerning their possible involvement in hostile activities towards the Republic of Cyprus? Rather, Mr. Voloboev rapidly and comprehensively protects policy led by Russia and ROC. Moreover, he took the side of Russia to the detriment of national interests of the Republic of Cyprus, what counts as violation of his commitments as an alien who acquired Cypriot citizenship. 


DISCLAIMER: The English version is a translation of the original in Russian for information purposes only. In case of a discrepancy, the Russian original will prevail.

Source: http://cyprus-daily.news/kto-i-pochemu-uvodit-konflikt-s-pravoslavnoj-tserkovyu-na-severe-v-storonu-ameriki-i-ukrainy/