The Russians Organize Torture Prisons in the Occupied Territories of Ukraine, Carrying Out Brutal Repression Against the Civilian Population

About 1.5 thousand citizens have passed through the torture chambers in the temporarily occupied Enerhodar, the mayor Dmytro Orlov informed.

According to the official, the occupiers are used dozens of premises in the city where Ukrainians are subjected to brutal torture. At the same time, there are about 100 residents of Enerhodar in such torture chambers. This indicates the constant terror carried out by the Russians. Fleeing from the arbitrariness of the occupiers, most of the townspeople left — about 10,000 residents remain in Energodar — this is 20 % of their pre-war population. They are in constant fear. In the conditions of military failures of the Russian Federation, all Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories may be repressed.
Terror became the hallmark of the infamous “Russian measure”, which the Russian occupiers use. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the Russians began to create torture prisons in the occupied cities of Ukraine for local residents. In particular, after the liberation of Kherson, more than 60 such premises were found in the city, and the citizens talked about the horrors of the Russian occupation. The Russians subjected everyone suspected of subversive activities to brutal torture: people were subjected to psychological and physical violence, taken off to an unknown destination. This often concerned local entrepreneurs whose property and money were of interest to the Russians.
Also, many Ukrainians were taken to the so-called L/DPR, where particularly cruel torture chambers were created. Ukrainians are subjected to psychological violence, physical abuse there, they are starved, beaten with electric currents, denied medical care, and there are known cases of sexual violence. The Russian invasion of Ukraine brought countless disasters and suffering to the civilian population — it is deprived of any rights in conditions of brutal terror and lives in constant fear.
Accordingly, the pressure on Russia and the additional sanctions introduced against the Russian economy and the Kremlin officials are a logical step in response to the oppression carried out by the terrorist state against Ukrainians. The Kremlin should find itself in complete international isolation and not have the right to dialogue with the civilized countries of the world.