The Russian Federation Threatens NATO: During another Missile attack on Ukraine, Russian Missiles Crossed into Romanian Airspace

On February 10, the Russian army launched a massive missile attack on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles were fired from 8 Tu-95MS strategic bombers of the occupying army from the Caspian Sea and Volgodonsk regions. Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles were launched from the ships in the Black Sea. In total, the Russians fired 71 missiles. Fortunately, thanks to the professionalism of air defense forces and Western aid to Ukraine, 61 cruise missiles and 5 Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones were destroyed.

As a result of this rocket attack in the Kharkiv region, 8 people were injured, two of them were seriously wounded. Critical infrastructure facilities were hit in the Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv and Vinnytsia regions. Russian troops purposefully attack the critical infrastructure of cities to deprive people of light, communication and water. It is worth noting that 2 Russian Kalibr cruise missiles crossed the state border of Ukraine with the Republic of Moldova and Romania. The missiles crossed the airspace of Moldova, at approximately 10:33 a.m. – Romanian airspace, which is a NATO member country. After that, they again entered the airspace of Ukraine, where the borders of the three states cross. The missiles were launched from the Black Sea. Also, Russia is deliberately launching missiles along the Ukrainian-Polish border in order to provoke the landing of air defense missiles on the territory of Poland again.

With such actions, the Russian Federation is trying to demonstrate its arrogance and fearlessness, endangering the collective security of NATO countries. Ukraine must get long-range missiles, tanks and fighter jets in order to destroy the troops of the aggressor country and protect not only its own people from the genocide that the Russian Federation is trying to commit, but also become a real shield for the entire European Union.