The exposure of the pro-Russian activities of the ROC MP in Ukraine confirms the involvement of the Moscow church in the fulfillment of the tasks of curators from the FSB

The ROC has always been a source of political influence on the Russian society, as well as an important tool for obtaining up-to-date information outside of Russia. In Ukraine, the ROC MP (a branch of the MPC) is a stronghold of the Kremlin’s influence and a breeding ground for enemy propaganda. Back in 2014, in the Svyatogorsk Lavra in the Donetsk region, the clergy handed out weapons to the separatists who were on the side of the Russian troops, and the premises of the Lavra resembled weapons depots. Donetsk holy fathers, in the spirit of medieval heresy, officially blessed the local separatists to kill Ukrainians and consecrated weapons. 2022 The ROC MP in Ukraine is a continuous network of informers and agents of influence acting in favor of Putin. Representative offices of the MOC in Europe perform the same function: these are information points for the FSB, GRU and SVR of the Russian Federation, which operate under the guise of the church, and Russian clergymen are “spies in cassocks”.

The Russian Federation uses many organizations, including the church, to carry out intelligence activities in different countries of the world. Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has opened 23 criminal proceedings against clerics suspected of working for Russia. It is important that the ROC MP does not recognize the fact of Russia’s war against Ukraine, and still demonstrates loyalty to Moscow. Thus, agents of Russian influence have been operating in Ukraine for many years, hiding behind the cliffs of the clergy. The branch of the Russian Orthodox Church called the UOC-MP does not particularly hide that it is the real fifth column of Moscow in Ukraine, and church ministers do not recognize the fact of a full-scale war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine on February 24.  The clergy controlled by Russia, in the midst of the war, secretly sing Russian songs in the center of Kyiv. Recently, eyewitnesses recorded on camera when priests in the Kyiv Lavra performed a musical composition with the words “The bell floats, floats over Russia, Mother Russia is awakening.”

Thanks to the ROC, real centers of the “Russian world” have been created in Ukraine. They were Kiev-Pechersk, Pochaivska and Svyatohirska Lavra. The latter played an important role in the so-called «Russian Spring» in Donbas in 2014. There were storage facilities for Russian terrorists on the territory of the complex, and Lavra itself was used as a terrorist hub by Igor Girkin (on November 17, 2022, found guilty of downing a Boeing MH-17 by the Hague Tribunal, sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment) and his gang. It is worth noting that this threat concerns not only Ukraine, but also Western countries, because the Russian Orthodox Church is widely represented in many civilized countries.

The Russian Federation is a terrorist country that does not neglect anything to achieve its own goals, so the countries of Europe should take a closer look at Russian priests, who are most likely “spies in cassocks” of the FSB and GRU. The ROC should be expelled from the EU — this is not an exaggeration, but a necessary step in order to prevent the subversive activities of Russian clergy spies in Europe. In Putin’s Russia, absolutely all authorities and social institutions, including the church, serve the interests of the Kremlin and act as mouthpieces for Moscow’s criminal propaganda and tools for committing bloody crimes under Putin’s authorship.