Statement of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus

Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The aim of the invasion is to conquer Ukrainian territory and to establish a regime loyal to Moscow. This represents an act of war, a gross violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the UN Charter and the fundamental norms and principles of international law.

Russian air forces and artillery are shelling Ukrainian cities, military bases and command centers Russian troops have entered into the territory of Ukraine from Belarus and the occupied Crimea.

Under article 51 of the UN Charter, Ukraine has activated its right to self-defence. The Ukrainian army is repelling attacks by the Russian invasion troops. These are the steps that the international community must do immediately in order to stop Russia:

— Impose devastating sanctions, including SWIFT

— Fully isolate Russia by all means, in all formats

— Provide Ukraine with weapons and military equipment

— Provide Ukraine with financial assistance

— Provide Ukraine with humanitarian assistance