Russia Is a Terrorist State that Violates All Principles of International Law

During the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russian Federation systematically disregards the principles of international law and holds hostage thousands of Ukrainian citizens: seriously wounded prisoners of war and civilians, including children, women, and the elderly.

The Russian side is deliberately delaying the process of implementing earlier agreements on the return of civilian hostages and prisoners of war. Being in captivity, Ukrainians do not receive proper medical care, which leads to the sudden death of the seriously wounded. Thus, Russia is trying to continue to kill those who are taken prisoner. Kyiv has repeatedly proposed an exchange on the “all for all” principle, however, Moscow always opposes it. In addition, Ukraine unilaterally handed over to Russia all seriously wounded and seriously ill captured Russian soldiers, adhering to international obligations to comply with Articles 109-114 of the Geneva Conventions. Keeping seriously wounded prisoners of war in captivity is a gross violation of human rights, but Russia defiantly disregards these principles.

The entire world community must increase pressure on the aggressor in order to force it to release all the detained citizens of Ukraine.