Information from combat zones in Ukraine

Khmelnytsky region: as a result of artillery shelling, ignition of the fuel and lubricants warehouse of the military unit of the village of Starokostiantyniv.

Fire in military depots with. Radushintsi, Poltava region, village Rozsoshkiv, Cherkasy region.

The military unit in the village of Kamyanka Buzka, Lviv region.

S. Ivnytsia, Zhytomyr Region — a shell hit on the territory of a military unit. M. Ivano-Frankivsk shell hit in a military unit.

Dnipropetrovsk region: Krasnopillya and Marhanets fire at military depots.

Vinnytsia region: the town of Tulchyn and the village of Bokhan — fire in military units.

Kyiv region: fire of a military unit near Brovary. The villages of Horodyshche and Milove in the Luhansk region were captured.

The shelling of Lutsk airfield (1 SES was injured).

Uman: a shell hits the city centre. One Two unidentified targets approached Zmiyiny Island in the Black Sea. Threats are heard from Russians who are demanding that Ukrainian servicemen surrender. The aggressor has used the international channel for navigation safety.

The border guards are holding defence with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Odesa: missile attack continues»dead, five more hospitalised.

Uman District announces evacuation of civilian population 30 kilometers around Rozsishky.

SES units perform assigned tasks, provide assistance to local authorities in alerting and evacuating the population. Rescue equipment is on display at the entrance/exit from Kyiv, communication is provided, the control system is working. Every hour we inform people about the situation and the measures taken.

Columns of the Russians tanks have entered Luhansk Region across the frontier at Krasna Talivka, Milove, Horodyshche. The enemy fronted the columns with white automobiles bearing OSCE emblem. Combat action continues in this direction. Border guards together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine are keeping the defence.

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 6 planes of Russian air force have been downed.