Impunity breeds permissiveness.

Illegal migrants in Cyprus have been rioting almost daily in recent weeks. They are dissatisfied with the fact that they are urged not to violate the laws of Cyprus, not to steal, not to organize fights, not to attack locals.

The center of the riots in recent days has been the village of Chloraka in Paphos district. The uncontrolled invasion of thousands of illegal migrants from Arab and African countries for several years have turned the once beautiful, quiet and safe village into a mixture of African Bantustan and Arab caliphate. The aliens who call themselves refugees, most of them are not, as they come from the territories of safe countries, mainly from Turkey, behave not as guests but as invaders.
They are hostile to the locals, do not respect local customs and practices. They do not want to respect the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. The overwhelming majority of illegal migrants do not seek to integrate into Cypriot society, to accept Western values, European thinking and philosophy. However, they aspire to live in Europe and enjoy the benefits of European civilization.

They brought with them everything that they fled from their countries — wild customs and mores of their countries and peoples, their way of life, mentality, rules of behavior and worldview, their attitude towards women, disrespect for other people’s property and contempt for other people’s lives. Now they are hard at work planting all this in Cyprus.

The streets of Chloraki are controlled by gangs of Syrians. According to the locals, they are afraid to leave their homes. Stealing, fighting, drug dealing, carjacking, terrorizing women have become a daily routine in this part of Cyprus. Syrians from Syria and other Muslim countries have set up Sharia patrols and threaten to kill women who, in their opinion, are not dressed modestly enough and violate Sharia law.

In most cases, Africans and Arab descendants resolve disagreements and disputes among themselves and with the local population in the way that is customary in Africa and the Middle East — through violence. The value of human life in the societies of the countries of origin of illegal migrants is extremely low, and violence and aggression are still part of their national cultures. Most illegal migrants behave in an insolent and boorish manner towards Cypriots and other islanders.

Almost daily there are press reports of crimes committed by illegal migrants. More and more often they attack police officers, throwing stones at them, as it happened on August 14 during the rally of illegal migrants in Chloraka. It is unclear why the participants of this rally were not arrested and immediately deported from Cyprus.

Seeing that their criminal actions have no consequences, the illegal migrants become even more brazen and behave even more aggressively. They perceive the soft attitude of the authorities and the goodwill of the locals as a sign of weakness, which provokes them to become even more unbridled.

Impunity breeds permissiveness.

Illegal migrants in Cyprus, unlike in many other countries, are given maximum freedom. Many of them take advantage of this to commit crimes with impunity.
The lack of tough, uncompromising measures on the part of the police and the government encourages further influx of illegal migrants to the island and, as a consequence, worsens the crime situation in the country.

On August 23 it became known that the police dismantled the Syrian ethnic organized crime group long engaged in the smuggling of illegal migrants from Syria to Cyprus. Syrian illegals who arrived earlier on the island paid money to smugglers for the delivery of their relatives from Turkey and Syria to Cyprus. In effect, a smooth ferry service was operating to deliver Arab illegals. No one knows how many more such gangs continue to bring Arabs to the island.

A significant number of these people are linked to Islamic terrorist organizations operating in the Middle East. There is no way to verify all these people. The situation is further complicated by the fact that many of them, abusing the humanity of European legislation, destroy their documents and present themselves under false names in order to make it more difficult to verify their identity and delay the processing of asylum applications.

In response to the arrest of members of the criminal group, hundreds of Arabs, mostly from Syria, organized a mass prayer rally outside a mosque in Limassol the following day. They arbitrarily blocked the street, ignoring the outrage and protests of local residents, pedestrians and drivers.

This was a clear provocation. By doing so, the Syrian illegals sent a threatening message to the Government and demonstrated their ability to destabilize the situation in the country.

The police officers who arrived on the scene, instead of restoring order, arresting and deporting the perpetrators, behaved hesitantly and largely restrained the locals. In doing so, they condoned the provocateurs.

Inspired by their impunity, the Arabs organized a mass march after the end of namaz, ostensibly to protest against the Assad regime. The slogans they shouted were more about calling for war against the infidels than fighting the Assad regime.

The next day, unidentified people threw Molotov cocktails at the mosque building. While by no means justifying the actions of the attackers, it must be admitted that the attack was most likely caused by frustration at the inaction of the authorities, who are unwilling to restore order and curb the outrageous behavior of migrants.

The invasion and colonization of the island by Arabs and Africans will continue as long as Cyprus remains an attractive place of residence for them.
In other words, as long as Cyprus remains defenceless in the face of this destructive phenomenon.

In order to protect one’s country from being colonized by irregular migrants, emergency measures must be taken immediately so that Cyprus is no longer seen as an attractive place for them to cross. Only two measures are sufficient for this purpose.

The first is to prohibit the free movement and settlement of illegal migrants in the country. All of them, without exception, should be kept in temporary residence centers for illegal immigrants, while their applications are being processed. If there are not enough such centers, then additional centers should be built. Building such centers and keeping illegal migrants in them will cost taxpayers less than compensating for the damage caused by their free movement around the country.

The second is arrest and immediate deportation for violating the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

All this can be done within the current legislation.
Cyprus will immediately stop attracting illegal migrants. The endless flow of illegal migrants will decrease dramatically after the migrants who are already on the island will call their relatives and tell them that they are sitting in a detention camp until the end of their asylum applications and are afraid to break the rules and laws because it will be followed by immediate deportation. None of them will ever want to come to Cyprus again. Many of those who are already in Cyprus will voluntarily return home as in fact most of them are obviously economic migrants and not refugees. This has been clear and known to everyone for a long time. It is time to stop playing games imposed on Cyprus from outside.

There is nothing new here. Australia has had a similar system in place for many years. Australian citizens are very happy with this system and do not pay attention to the cries of leftists and defenders of the rights of Islamic terrorists. The same needs to be done in Cyprus if we want to keep our island as beautiful as it is now.

Instead of the vigorous and decisive action expected from the government and police, the people of Chloraki see an inexplicable indecision bordering on condoning the rampage of illegals.

Over the past two weeks, the illegals have rioted several times with violence against locals and police officers. Hundreds of Arabs and Africans have participated. Only a few people have been arrested. No one has been deported. Why? There is no answer.

On August 27, residents of Chloraki held a march and rally to protest the transformation of their town into an Arab-African ghetto. A few hours later, riots broke out in the town involving hundreds of Cypriots and Arabs. According to some reports, hundreds of Syrian illegal migrants who had arrived in Chloraka from other cities in the country in an organized manner took part. They marched with impunity through the streets of the village with sticks, bats and knives in their hands, attacking local residents and smashing cars. The riots continue to this day. Every night, armed migrants appear in groups on the streets of the village and terrorize local residents.

The events in Chlorak and Limassol have shown with the utmost clarity that there is a large ethnic, well-organized criminal group with obvious links to Islamic terrorist organizations. This transgressive group terrorizes the people of Cyprus with impunity. One of the terrorist leaders openly threatened on television to «turn Paphos upside down».

What measures has the government taken to address this problem? Arrested all the illegal immigrants involved in the riots and deported them from the country? Prosecuted the man who threatened the inhabitants of an entire town?

No. The government, represented by the justice minister and the police chief, negotiated with the terrorists and criminals, including the one who threatened to «turn Paphos upside down». At the end of the meeting, the terrorist leader declared that all his demands had been met.
A few minutes later, the man was arrested by the police for organizing further disturbances. Illegal items were found in his car. He himself was under the influence of drugs and attacked the police officers.
It is not known what the minister and the police chief were thinking when negotiating with this man.

Fulfilling the demands of criminals and terrorists motivates them to commit new crimes and terrorist acts. It has always been so, and it will be so this time too.

The mass riots continued until today.
It is not yet clear how they started and who was the instigator. But that doesn’t matter. What is important is that it happened because the residents of Chloraka have run out of patience. They can no longer live in constant fear for themselves and their children and do not believe in the desire of the authorities to restore order. Therefore, they want to take the law into their own hands.

The responsibility for the riots lies entirely with the illegal migrants and those left-wing politicians who encourage illegal migration and block the passage of the necessary laws in parliament to solve the problem. The communist party AKEL is primarily responsible. The Communists, under the beautiful slogans of equality and brotherhood of all peoples and the protection of human rights, promote the influx of illegal migrants to Cyprus, as they see in them their supporters and future voters.

It should be noted here that Cypriots are very tolerant people. Hospitable and friendly. Cypriots are not racist and xenophobic. Otherwise there would not be so many foreigners living on the island.
Natives of many countries traditionally live on Cyprus, there are numerous diasporas of different nations. Of course, there are conflicts on domestic grounds between separate representatives of different nations living in Cyprus. There have been no mass interethnic clashes since the infamous 1974.

No one has ever heard of mass clashes with Vietnamese, Filipinos, Nepalese, Bulgarians, Romanians, Englishmen….
Cyprus has taken in over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees. Who ever heard of Ukrainians looting houses, attacking Cypriots and stoning the police?

To solve the problem, you have to start by calling it by its name. The problem is not Cypriots or the Republic of Cyprus. The problem is the cultural code, the specific mentality and unacceptable behavior of people who have entered the country illegally in large numbers. They do not want and will not coexist peacefully with the local population. We need to honestly admit this to ourselves. The only way to solve this problem is to remove these people from the island. As it is written above, it is not difficult to do it. Those who come from safe countries such as Turkey should be barred from applying for asylum and deported immediately. Those who come from countries at war should be held in temporary detention camps without the right to move freely around the country and immediately deported at the slightest violation of the law. The rest should be treated as criminals because they have broken the law by entering the country illegally.

Migrants from African and Arab countries are forcibly imposing in Cyprus rules, traditions and decency authentic to their original place of residence. This is unacceptable.
With all the tolerance of Cypriots towards people of other nationalities, there can certainly be no doubt here that these people must be returned to their familiar environment, with a categorical ban on ever coming to Cyprus again.

Anyone entering Cyprus must respect the local laws, customs, traditions, rules and realize that any attempt to violate or edit them will end in immediate expulsion to their native land. This is normal. Try to impose your own orders in their countries, they will be the first to ask an absolutely reasonable question: who are you to tell us how we should live at home?
The inhabitants of Chloraka no longer want to accept that some savages tell them how they should live in their homes.

This is the difference between civilization and barbarism. The barbarian is unable to realize that besides him and his desires, there are others who have different desires and views from him. Hence conflicts arise.

Unfortunately, with the migration policy that has developed in the European Union, it is impossible to prevent such violations, crimes and the conflicts caused by them. Illegal migrants come to Cyprus without having not only a clue but also a desire to understand where they have come to and what the laws and rules are.
For them Cyprus is just a convenient place to live comfortably and nourishingly. And they sincerely do not understand why they cannot live as they used to live in Africa or the Middle East.
And there is no one to point out cultural differences and demand to respect local laws, customs and traditions, because those who dare to do so are immediately accused of xenophobia, racism and nationalism. Therefore, we should not be surprised that the residents of Chloraka ran out of patience and took to the streets with a firm decision to take their fate into their own hands. If the situation with illegal migrants in Cyprus does not change in the near future, events like those that are currently taking place in Chloraka will begin to occur in an avalanche throughout the country.