If Putin Is Not Stopped in Ukraine, His Army Will Commit Genocide in the EU Countries

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the Russian army has been committing a planned genocide of Ukrainians on a national basis. Thus, according to the UN, the Russians killed 8,534 Ukrainian civilians, of which 470 were children. The UN emphasizes that this figure is approximate, because there is no statistics on the likely victims in the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as any information from Russia. The war launched by Putin could bring the world back to the dark times of territorial conquest. The genocide of Ukrainians he initiated is a vivid example of what awaits Europe if Russia is not defeated in Ukraine.

Due to the depletion of the missile stock, Russia is beginning to use outdated and inaccurate weapons, in particular C-300 missiles. It uses it to inflict chaotic strikes on crowded places in Ukrainian cities, or simply on residential buildings. During April 2023, the Russians killed 86 civilians in Ukraine, all of them died exactly as described above. A vivid example is the shelling of a residential building in Sloviansk with C-300 missiles on April, 14. As a result of this tragedy, 12 people died and 22 were injured.

On April 18, the Russians attacked the central market of Kherson — 1 person was killed, 9 were injured. These crimes cannot have any impact on the course of the war: Russia simply discards any conventions and kills Ukrainians, indulging the hatred for them inherent at the genetic level.