G7 online summit: Russian army’s persistent destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and commission of war crimes against Ukrainians require the immediate introduction of more sanctions on Russia

On December 12, G7 leaders agreed at a virtual meeting to pursue comprehensive support for Ukraine in its full-scale war with Russia, as well as to hold Russian dictator Vladimir Putin accountable for war crimes committed by the Russian army. This video conference meeting took place on the eve of the International Conference «Solidarity with the Ukrainian People,» held in Paris, which aims to support Ukraine against the background of constant Russian attacks on critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

The leaders of the Group of Seven (Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, and Japan) are determined to make the Russian Federation pay the cost for the destruction of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and bring Vladimir Putin to justice. In addition, the G7 countries will create an interagency coordination platform of donors for the restoration of Ukraine.

The Russian army’s systematic destruction of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and the commission of war crimes against the Ukrainian people cannot go unpunished in the 21st century. The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and the individuals responsible for the crimes committed will be brought to justice in accordance with international law.

For almost 10 months already, Russian missiles have been wiping Ukrainian cities from the face of the earth, destroying civilian infrastructure and energy facilities. The Kremlin constantly declares that in this way they are «inclining» Ukraine to peace, issuing ultimatums to Kyiv to recognize Ukrainian lands temporarily captured by Moscow as Russian territory.

In order to repel Russian attacks today, Ukraine needs modern tanks, rocket artillery and ammunition for it, as well as long-range missiles. After all, the sooner Kyiv will get modern weapons, the sooner Russian aggression will end.

Reliable protection of Ukrainian critical infrastructure from Russian missiles will mean protection for the whole of Europe as well, because with these strikes, Russia is provoking a humanitarian and migration catastrophe not only for Ukraine, but also for the entire EU.

It is worth noting that the irresponsible nuclear rhetoric voiced by the Russian leadership is unacceptable and any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons by Moscow will lead to grave consequences, primarily for Russia.

The Kremlin’s continued aggression requires the immediate introduction of new sanctions on Russia and the countries that evade compliance with them. In the near future, Russian energy supplies must be abandoned, including those of crude oil and petroleum products.

Russia must compensate Ukraine for the losses incurred in restoring critical infrastructure damaged or destroyed as a result of aggression against a sovereign European country. It is Russia that will finance the post-war reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure.