Decentralization of Power in the Russian Federation and Thousands of Murderers on the Streets of Russian Cities: This Is What Putin Has Achieved

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has opened a Pandora’s Box for Russia, causing irreversible internal upheaval and critically weakening of Putin’s power. Unprecedented losses among the Russian military, comprehensive packages of sanctions, international isolation — all this is consistently destroying Russia from the inside and depicting Putin as the greatest war criminal of the 21st century. The overwhelming majority of Russians still believe him, but at the regional level, they understand that the notorious power of the Russian army is a myth, and without it, Putin will not be able to retain power.

The throne is already unstable under the aging dictator, and Kadyrov’s statement about self-mobilization is confirmation that the regions are already thinking about possible autonomy. If the process of forming “regional armies” is launched, this will completely fragment the Russian army as a whole and creates a threat to the nuclear security of the entire planet, given the presence of nuclear weapons in the Russian Federation. Hidden but obvious tendencies towards separatism in Russia, especially in the Caucasus, suggest that the Chechens and Dagestanis will be the first to send their armies against Russian forces in these regions.

The idea of involving convicts in the war with Ukraine has posed a threat to the security of Russian cities. Already, law enforcement agencies in the Russian Federation start warning that the surge in thefts, murders and rapes will be 3-4 times higher than in the 90s. The shortage of military personnel in the Russian army has forced Putin to go to extreme and recruit murderers, rapists and cannibals from Russian prisons; he is consciously prepared for the predictable social collapse on the streets of Russian cities. The participation of prisoners in hostilities in Ukraine will in no way affect the situation at the front; it will only cause a surge in crimes against the civilian population, a drop in discipline in the Russian army and the inevitable worsening of the crime situation in Russia itself. Today Putin is killing peaceful Ukrainians, in six months prisoners will be killing and raping peaceful Russians.