“David Defeats Goliath”: the Armed Forces Use Advanced Technologies in the War against Technologically Backward Russia

From the very beginning of full-scale military actions, Ukraine was forced to overcome the onslaught of an asymmetrically strong enemy, which had a numerical advantage and a huge arsenal of Soviet weapons. Under such circumstances, the Armed Forces were forced to adapt “on the fly” to all challenges and threats and overcome the enemy with the help of a flexible response strategy: when selective, a direct strikes on Russian forces along the front line are combined with the extensive use of computer technologies and programming tools. In this regard, the Russian army has nothing to oppose, because it is archaic in its essence and on the battlefield it actually fights as in World War II. Ukraine proved that its army is an analogue of the “East European IDF”, which is capable of protecting Europe.

From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, it became clear that defeating Russia is possible only with the help of asymmetric response measures — the use of the surgical strike strategy by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the use of computer technologies to coordinate actions on the battlefield online. Ukraine received limited access to Palantir combat digital platform, which works in real time and allows you to gain visual control over any physical surface with an area of up to 0.5 square meters, receive information about the available forces of the enemy, the movement of his troops, etc. This became a huge advantage over the Russians and a guarantee of obtaining a number of victories in the most difficult periods of the war.

Ukraine demonstrated an example of technologically advanced warfare during the liberation of Kherson: the Russians put up fierce resistance during the summer and early autumn and even tried to counterattack in certain areas of the front, but they could not hide the movement of their troops and the location of their military equipment, which was simply destroyed by precise strikes. This is the main key to victory over the Russian army: its gradual weakening by eliminating its human and resource potential.

The Washington Post called the war in Ukraine “the most advanced war in human history”, “a war of wizards”, “a joint triumph of man and machine”. Indeed, no war before has seen such a combination of computer technology and the actions of military units on the battlefield.

The Russian army is not flexible and archaic, personnel are forced to remove any gadgets, and there is often no telephone and radio communication between units stationed at different areas of the front. Every Ukrainian combat unit has a software developer. It is worth noting that the development of domestic Internet applications made it possible to significantly facilitate the life of the military and their victory over the enemy. NATO observers confirm that the Armed Forces very effectively use modern weapons provided by the West, against which there are no analogues in Russia. This was seen during the liberation of Kharkiv region, when all command posts of the Russian Armed Forces were destroyed and logistical arteries were disrupted before the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine has became an analogue of the “Eastern European IDF”. Ukraine has no choice but to make a technologically advanced war against an asymmetrically strong enemy. Ukraine has proven its ability to become the shield of Europe and deserves the supply of all the necessary weapons that will bring closer the victory of all civilized humanity over Putin, its common enemy.

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