Cyprus Police Force comes under the microscope of Audit Office

The Cyprus Police Force has come under the microscope of the Republic’s Audit Office and investigations touch on  both compliance and other financial issues, Philenews reported on Friday, informs in-cyprus.

Investigations started in January and focus on three pillars concerning police departments/agencies and related issues that have been in the public domain.

Specifically, there is a compliance audit for the years 2015-2023 and a financial audit for 2022, along with complaints submitted to the Audit Service and concern the Police Force.

Insiders said part of the investigations also focus on police services to the Aliens and Migration Department, the handling of out-of-court complaints and the Force’s photocopying system.

In addition, the auditing team has also dealt with the issue of weapons licences granted by the Police Security Commission.

In fact, the Audit Office reportedly submitted a question to the Police concerning the legal status under which some members are allowed to carry weapons on a 24-hour basis.

An insider said: “This special permit was not renewed in only eight cases since it was deemed that there was no longer a personal safety reason for such an act. There is a clear legislative provision for those who receive such permits.”

The Audit Office has already raised concern over permits granted to naturalized Cypriots as well as members of their personal guards to carry weapons.