Chloraka: Injuries, damages reported after ‘anti-ghettoisation’ protest turns violent

Police arrested four individuals in connection to violent clashes that erupted after an ‘anti-ghettoisation’ protest in Chloraka, police said, informs in-cyprus.

The arrested are set to appear before the District Court of Paphos today for the issuance of detention orders to facilitate interrogations, Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said.

Speaking to the press, Christos Andreas disclosed that a total of eight complaints have been lodged with the police. Specifically, he revealed that two individuals who were attacked resulting in injuries had filed reports, and in six other instances, complaints had been made about damage to property.

According to reports, Greek Cypriots attacked and damaged migrants and migrant-owned businesses on Sunday evening.

The clashes started after an ‘anti-ghettoisation’ protest march in Chloraka, involving around 300 persons, under police escort.

At some point, according to police, the participants splintered into smaller groups within the Chloraka area and started to attack migrants and damage properties.

Andreou said that one group of individuals was seen causing damage to the main entrance of an apartment building and subsequently attacking a foreign national. Another complaint concerned damages inflicted on a restaurant owned by a foreign national. The mob also threw stones at vehicles and overturned a car.

According to Andreou, groups of migrants were seen wielding bats, rods, wooden objects, and throwing stones, in response.

Four individuals have been arrested and are facing charges of incitement to riot and possession of offensive instruments.

Police have started an investigation into the case, collecting a significant amount of evidence, photographing scenes, and continuing their research, including evaluating closed-circuit surveillance footage of the area, Andreou said.

Tensions have been brewing in Chloraka, as locals have turned against migrants. Residents complain that their safety is at stake from the third-country nationals.

In a meeting with President Christodoulides last week, the community leaders of Chorakas and also of neighbouring villages demanded immediate and drastic measures to ensure residents’ safety.