Migrants in Chloraka to hold counter-protest after Sunday’s xenophobic violence

Third-country nationals and migrants living in Chloraka will hold a counter-protest on Monday afternoon, in response to an outburst of xenophobic violence that culminated on Sunday with attacks against foreigners and the destruction of migrant-owned property by Greek Cypriots in the area, informs in-cyprus.

According to philenews, the counter-protest will take place at 5 p.m. near Diplarkatzia area.

The Chloraka community council has urged the organisers not to hold the protest claiming that it will reignite tensions between migrants and locals.

Earlier on Monday, the government condemned the violence inflicted by the mob of Greek Cypriots against migrants and their properties in Chloraka, after an “anti-ghettoisation” protest.

Police have arrested four individuals in connection with the incident.