Alert in Limassol for two immigration events

The tense atmosphere that has prevailed in Chloraka for the last few days between residents of the community and foreigners living in the area, seems to be transferred to the city of Limassol, with the Police being put on alert for fear of new incidents, informs philenews.

Fears exist with the Police being called to full force to maintain order and with the main aim of avoiding the worst case scenario. The protest, which has been advertised and promoted in the last 24 hours through posts on social media, calls for a march at 8 pm today in Epichosia, with various Greek Cypriots calling on citizens to come down en masse, claiming, as they note, their safety.

At the same time, fears are expressed about the participation of different groups. Information in the possession of the Police indicates that SYFI members of Lemesian groups intend to take part in the protest, declaring that for the issue of immigration , they are putting aside any fan differences they have. Under the shadow of the protest, as «F» is informed, a meeting was held yesterday at the Ministry of Justice under Minister Anna Koukkidou Prokopiou in the presence of the leadership of the Police and the police directors of all the provinces, where specific measures and decisions were taken.

An action plan has been drawn up and will operate at the Limassol Police Department, a crisis response center. In fact, a relevant business order has been issued since yesterday. Police sources note that all the staff of the Limassol Police Department will be on foot, while 150 members of anti-nuisance squads as well as MMAD squads from all provinces will be on duty in the city. The event will be monitored by Police cameras and drones that will be set up for this purpose.

A person who has concerned the authorities as an organizer of other protests in the past, came yesterday to the Limassol Police Department and spoke with senior officers about their intentions, assuring, according to information, that there will be no incidents.

It should be noted that another protest march is planned for Saturday, this time in favor of foreigners and immigrants and against fascist pogroms, as noted in related posts. The march will take place at 7 pm in the area of ​​Enaerio.