We have a common precious homeland, President’s message to Turkish Cypriots

Our most precious possession is the Republic of Cyprus, said President Christodoulides following the conclusion of a military parade in the capital on the 63rd Independence anniversary, informs in-cyprus.

‘We will protect but also strengthen the Republic’, he added, promising to engage in the economy, institutions and the country’s defence capability in parallel with shielding its international status and working towards ending the occupation and achieving the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of the agreed framework.

‘We are proud about everything we have seen today’, he said of the military parade, noting that he will do his utmost to achieve the reunification goal along with the Turkish Cypriots, fully utilising the prospects that will be forged through reunification in a functional state.

The presence of Roberta Metsola, he stressed,clearly shows that the Republic is not alone in its struggle. ‘The EU is in solidarity, the strongest safeguard for the people of Cyprus and the most strategic ally.

The President disclosed that backstage consultations are under way for the appointment of a UN Secretary General representative that will sound out the prospects of resuming settlement talks.

In a message to the Turkish Cypriot community, Nikos Christodoulides said Cyprus was ‘our common homeland and without a solution to the Cyprus issue, both Greek and Turkish Cypriots stand to lose out’.