Unleashing a war is a crime! Those who unleashed the war are criminals!

Everyone knows that brute force is not the best way to resolve disputes. Especially if it’s precisely brute force that is the argument…

The modern-day international community, which survived in the last century two long and bloody World Wars, as well as many local, but no less bloody, conflicts, is trying in every possible way to avoid all kinds of armed clashes in 21st century. In order to prevent negative developments and understand the consequences of responsibility for unleashing «wars», the international community approved a number of rules that defined certain «red lines».

But, just like before, now that humanity has achieved huge technical, technological, humanitarian, and all sorts of other successes in its development, there are certain leaders or groups who choose to flex their muscles and who have to be pacified by almost the whole world.

It would seem that Europe, which survived the horrors of world wars, lost millions of people, and has been rebuilding its economy for almost a decade, has finally found peace and stability. Issues of territorial claims have been resolved, economic relations are stable and developing, the population is quite happy… The future is predictable, and quite cloudless…

And now comes the war in Ukraine! In the geographical center of Europe! Also, it was unleashed by Russia, a country stretching across half of Europe and Asia, which has suffered enormous human and material losses in the 20st-century wars!

It would seem that this fact should be a good lesson for the Russian leadership, and the example of an international tribunal for war criminals should have been no less telling. However, the lessons offered by history aren’t equally obvious to all.

The mere fact of Russia unleashing the war on Ukraine, is seen by a modern society with long-established civilizational relations as a blatant and outrageous act. It clearly demonstrates how aggressive and unacceptable the Russian leaders and their policies are for civilized mankind! Also, the method of warfare chosen by Russia is completely at odds with the norms of international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflicts!

Violating the norms of the Geneva Convention, Russia often targets the civilian population and civilian infrastructure. The facts of the absolutely inexplicable cruelty and madness of Russian soldiers towards the civilian population of Ukraine in Irpin, Bucha, Mariupol, Izium, Kharkiv, and now in Bakhmut and Kherson have become exposed before the world’s eyes. These actions can only be assessed as «terrorism legalized by the state of Russia.»

Recently, Russia has sharply expanded the scale of terror against the Ukrainian infrastructure, employing all possible types of weapons. Energy facilities throughout Ukraine, from Lviv to Kharkiv, from Zhytomyr to Odesa, have been targeted by the Russians. Russia’s actions to destroy Ukrainian energy facilities are cynical and clearly terrorist in nature. So is blackout in Ukraine the last hope of Russian terrorists?

The lack of heating and electricity paralyzes the normal functioning of settlements and puts ordinary citizens of Ukraine on the brink of survival in winter conditions. Isn’t this another clear example of the genocide of the Ukrainian population by Russia?!

It is impossible to find legit justification for Russia’s war. Just as it is impossible to find justification for the destruction and deaths brought to Ukraine. A civilized society must suppress all manifestations of aggression, especially armed, by all means available.

Returning to history lessons, it is worth noting that the perpetrators of inciting wars have always been prosecuted. To date, enough evidence has been accumulated of Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine against humanity, and even against mankind. And the upcoming Hague Tribunal for Putin and his entourage will be just as massive as the Nuremberg Tribunal – that’s taking into account that the war is not over yet…

So here’s where direct multilateral assistance to Ukraine, first of all, from the United States and Europe is both expedient and necessary. Providing assistance to Ukraine is not the biggest cost to pay for ensuring stability and preventing a mad neighbor from pursuing his bloody path.