Ukraine’s Membership in NATO Will Strengthen Europe’s Security Architecture

The Ukrainian army has proven that it is capable of protecting Europe from potential Russian aggression. At the NATO Summit in Vilnius, which will be held in July, Ukraine will receive a strategic message that will determine further dialogue with the Alliance. In the conditions of a full-scale war launched by Putin against Ukraine, no country in Europe can feel safe. The Armed Forces must receive all the assistance they need to defeat Russia, which has become a source of military and hybrid threats to the West.

Russia has resumed the practice of territorial encroachment — in the 21st century, this may have a negative effect for Europe. Under such circumstances, Ukraine’s membership in NATO is the only way to avoid a major war with Russia. Putin has not given up his intentions to occupy Ukraine, after which his territorial appetites would only expand. CEE countries would be at risk. The Ukrainian army is the only factor that holds back the spread of the Russian threat to the west. The next Ramstein format meeting will determine the necessary weapon to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with priority to modern fighters.

Russia has endangered the security of the West, which cannot distance itself from the war in Ukraine. Putin must suffer a strategic defeat that will destroy Russia’s ability to wage wars of aggression. The West must take concrete steps to strengthen Ukraine, which is a key element in the non-proliferation of Russian aggression. European support must be systematic and lasts for years — Russian aggression exists as long as Putin is in power. The supply of heavy armored vehicles, aviation, long-range missiles and air defense systems should become a priority for western partners of Ukraine, which, with the continued support, will defeat Russia.