Ukraine is conducting successful military operations, reclaiming occupied territory

On September 23, the Ukrainian Armed Forces once again advanced into Russian defenses in the area near the locality of Verbovoe. The strategic foothold for an advance toward Tokmak, established after the liberation of Rabotine, continues to expand steadily, informs 24brussels.

Further progress by the Ukrainian Armed Forces fragments the front line and will allow them to reach the Sea of Azov. The Ukrainian Army’s advancement underscores the weakened and degraded state of the Russian military, which will require many years to restore its capabilities.

The primary goal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is the destruction of Russian military reserves to weaken the southern group of occupying forces. This tactic has yielded results: the Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed a record number of Russian armored vehicles and air defense assets. Specifically, a minimum of 5 S-400 «Triumph» air defense systems were hit on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The Russians have shifted to a defensive posture, which is rapidly weakening. Depletion of their military reserves has reduced their military activity in the Kupiansk area in the Kharkiv region. All attempts to counter the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have met with complete failure.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are demonstrating a clear advantage over the Russian army, inflicting further defeats upon them. With stable support from the West and timely deliveries of weaponry, the Ukrainian military will achieve a convincing victory over Russia, neutralizing the threat of its territorial expansion into Europe.