In a new joint operation for the repatriation of third-country nationals, under the coordination of the European organization Frontex, the Cyprus Police participated, in cooperation with the German authorities. This is the ninth participation of the Cyprus Police in joint operations with European countries and under the coordination of Frontex.

Specifically, members of the Aliens and Immigration Service — YAM, on Tuesday, September 05, participated in a coordinated operation of the European Border and Coast Guard Organization — Frontex, for the forced repatriation of 10 third-country nationals, who remained illegally in Cyprus, with a joint flight that they made the German authorities.

From the beginning of this year 2023, until today 08 September, the total number of third country nationals who have returned to their countries of origin, through voluntary or forced repatriation operations, amounts to 6,385. In the corresponding period last year, 4,174 third-country nationals had returned to their countries of origin, through repatriation operations.