The threat of transitioning to a positional war is a serious challenge for Ukraine

In late October, during a hearing at the Senate Appropriations Committee, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin expressed the belief that if the aggressor country Russia were to succeed in defeating Ukraine in the war, it would not stop there but would likely challenge NATO member countries.

This was in response to the question of whether the decision not to provide adequate assistance to Ukraine could increase the likelihood of US troops eventually being drawn into the war.

Putin has started a war not only against Ukraine but also against the democratic world based on rules, not dictatorship. Therefore, this war must end with a victory over the aggressor, not a temporary compromise with them. For the Russian leader, the war has long turned into a self-sufficient process, a convenient tool that helps him achieve various goals and political benefits, regardless of the specific outcome of the fighting. However, ending the war, on the contrary, represents a risky step into the unknown, where no benefits are evident, but many dangers lurk.

Resisting Putin’s aggression requires the allocation of permanent appropriations that burden taxpayers in partner countries. Ukraine appreciates the efforts of the West in supporting it. However, it should be noted that the Russian Federation’s war burdens the Ukrainians themselves the most, as in addition to enormous financial costs, Ukraine suffers colossal human losses. Entering the war with a more powerful opponent, with a lot of weaponry and much greater mobilization potential, Ukraine not only managed to stop it but also conducted a successful counteroffensive in 2022, pushing back the enemy on many fronts. The Ukrainian people demonstrated their readiness not just in words but in deeds, by sacrificing their lives and bodies for their freedom.

Assistance to Ukraine is a demonstration of the West’s firm position not to yield to the aggressor. The threat of transitioning to a positional war is a serious challenge for Ukraine. Prolonging the confrontation is advantageous for the Russian occupiers. During this time, the aggressor will be able to restore and increase its military potential.

Ukraine and its allies have no time for deliberation. Only a significant increase in the capabilities of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and a resolute counteroffensive will shatter Moscow’s plans.