Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary of Ukraine
to the Republic of Cyprus


On January 22, 1919, an outstanding historic event unfolded as the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic united at Saint Sofia Maidan (Square) in Kyiv, marking the birth of an independent cathedral state.
This historic Union, etched into the annals of Ukraine’s history, resonates profoundly today as the nation grapples with the ongoing Russian genocidal war of aggression. Our memory of the 104-year-old events and the later historic developments becomes stronger.
The enduring values of freedom, unity, and independence, which have guided Ukrainians through the centuries in building their nation, persist as a source of inspiration.
Regardless of their location, Ukrainians draw strength from these principles, fostering a spirit of brotherhood and unity in the pursuit of a free, indivisible, and Unitary Ukraine. The unbending patriotic spirit prevails in the face of challenges, echoing in battles in the East and South of Ukraine against the Kremlin aggressor, on Crimean mountain slopes, in Carpathian plains, in cities and villages and homes of Ukrainians abroad.
The poignant words of the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko have become a symbol of Ukrainian freedom:

“Keep fighting – you are sure to win!
God helps you in your fight!
For fame and freedom march with you,
And right is on your side!”

Today, in the 11th year of resistance against Russian invasion, these words resonate more profoundly than ever.
Over the past 11 years, Ukraine has endured the barbarity of the Kremlin’s brutal war, resulting in the painful loss of countless lives, separation of families, and the disruption of peaceful childhoods.

The so-called «Russkiy mir» imposed by Moscow has brought death and destruction to Ukrainian homes, with Russian forces engaging in bloody warfare against women, children, the elderly, and civilians.
The UN reports that since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war, 10,233 civilians have lost their lives, and another 19,289 have been injured, with more than 100 peaceful Ukrainians died in Russian captivity, including a child. The number of refugees from Ukraine has soared to 6.3 million.
Recent weeks have witnessed an escalation of missile attacks by Russia, underscoring the crucial role of air defense in safeguarding Ukrainian cities, particularly those near the frontline. The onslaught of Russian drone and missile strikes on December 29 resulted in the highest number of civilian casualties for the entire year 2023, with 58 killed and 158 injured. Russia’s deliberate targeting of residential buildings underscores its disregard for civilian lives.
Ukraine stands resilient, relying on advanced air defense systems to defend against the onslaught. It is imperative to recognize that Russia shows no signs of halting its aggression, and only decisive actions can bring an end to the conflict. Ukrainians are prepared to persevere, seeking the united support of the free world.
To protect Ukrainians, it is essential to provide the necessary military and financial means for self-defense. The Ukrainian army, despite facing challenges such as reduced artillery supplies, remains steadfast with the support of our friends and allies, bolstering domestic military production and awaiting crucial decisions on further funding from allies.
The core principle that Russia cannot dictate the policies, borders, or future of any country must be acknowledged. Only when Russia understands this fundamental truth can Ukraine secure its borders and forge a prosperous and democratic future integrated into Europe. While challenges lie ahead, the unwavering spirit of Ukrainians, fueled by centuries of resilience against oppression, ensures that freedom and dignity will prevail in the face of Russian invaders.
The centuries-old memory of enslavement and terror that Ukrainians suffered under the boot of Russian tsars during the time of the Moscow State, the Russian Empire, and the godless Soviet government, gave Ukrainians the strength to fight and remain united to ensure freedom and dignity for every Ukrainian.