The arrested Russian assets should be directed towards the reconstruction of Ukraine

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is accompanied by massive destruction of industrial and residential infrastructure. Ongoing hostilities are causing new damage on a daily basis. Its estimated cost, since 2014, amounts to around $2 trillion, as stated by Harvard expert Walter Clemens, writes latviatoday.

Since February 24, 2022, at least $300 billion of Russian assets have been frozen in Western countries, $200 billion of which belong to EU countries. Despite lengthy discussions, there is still no consensus in Brussels on the possible transfer of frozen Russian funds to Ukraine as compensation for the incurred damage. In contrast, the United States officially announced in May of this year the transfer of a portion of the frozen assets belonging to the Russian oligarch K. Malofeev to Ukraine. Russia is causing significant harm in Ukraine, with occupying forces taking away resources, equipment, and even black soil from the occupied territories. The scale of the losses is such that Ukraine will have to undergo a lengthy process of recovery.

Therefore, the transfer of the frozen Russian assets to the official government in Kyiv appears entirely justified. The terrorist state is not held accountable for anything, as it destroys entire populated areas and turns fertile Ukrainian black soil into scorched desert. In this regard, the aforementioned sum of Russian funds will help compensate for at least some part of the incurred losses.