The 11th Package of EU Sanctions Is a Necessary Solution to Stop Russia’s Aggression

Despite the fact that the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine has been going on for more than a year, Moscow still has access to huge financial and technological resources. These are hundreds of millions of dollars goes to kill civilians and destroy infrastructure in Ukraine. That is why Western countries must continue to impose sanctions on the aggressor country and destroy its economy while the Ukrainian army fights on the battlefield, protecting Europe from Russian invasion.

Russia has demonstrated to the whole world that principles and norms of international law are noting for it. The Russian army invades sovereign states, kills its inhabitants, destroys entire settlements and kidnaps children. Sooner or later, the regime of Vladimir Putin would certainly have committed such crimes in European countries, if the Ukrainian people had not begun to defend their right to be an independent state on February 24, 2022. That is why Western countries have no right to stand aside and ignore what is happening in the very heart of Europe.

The war in Ukraine is at its maximum, the Ukrainian army is preparing for a counteroffensive, so it is not the time to ease the sanctions pressure on Russia. The 11th package of sanctions should be adopted as soon as possible and include restrictions on the activities of the Rosatom corporation, IT technologies, diamond sales and maritime logistics. It is also necessary to coordinate the timely supply of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The sooner Russia is defeated, the sooner peace will be restored in Europe.