Shock and Awe: the face of the genocide commiting by Russia

Representatives of almost 50 states and dozens of companies discussed how to help Ukraine keep the energy front. An “Energy Ramstein” was the name given to the international meeting in Paris to save Ukrainian infrastructure, because with the beginning of winter, Russia began to shell critical infrastructure even more cynically.

As a result of the conference in Paris, about a billion euros were collected for Ukraine, which will help to survive the difficult winter. Of these, almost half will go to the needs of the energy sector. The rest will be divided between spending on water, food, health care and transport. 125 million euros of the total amount will be provided by France, the host country for the event. This is one of the greatest humanitarian assistance in the history of the country. According to Ukrainian President V. Zelensky, due to the Kremlin’s missile terror, 12 million citizens were without electricity at the time of his speech at the conference, and generators for Ukrainians are now equivalent to bulletproof vests.

Restoring the Ukrainian energy system to its pre-war state will take years, and this requires a lot of money and effort. No energy system in the world has ever had such an experience and has not had such systematic destruction. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities are preparing for different scenarios to survive in winter, including taking into account the likely long-term lack of electricity and heating in some regions. After two months of systematic attacks by missiles and drones, the enemy damaged almost 50 % of the Ukrainian energy system, but it maintance its itnegrity and manageable largely thanks to the efforts of Ukrainian energy specialists and international assistance from partners. Ukraine needs strong international support, given the extent of the destruction caused by the Russian war against Ukraine. After all, the terror resorted to by the Russian Federation, missile strikes and drone attacks on civilian infrastructure is a military crime against humanity.

Ukraine and its allies must be prepared for further attempts by the aggressor country Russia to destroy Ukraine’s critical infrastructure as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will continue to use winter as a weapon against the Ukrainian people. Obviously, Moscow wants to use the blackout in Ukraine as a defeat for the whole of Europe, because Ukraine has convinced everyone that it is a real and reliable shield for Europe. And in order to restore the Ukrainian energy system of Ukraine after massive Russian missile strikes, Ukraine needs not only new transformers, but also modern air defense systems, because thanks to them it will be possible to repel the attacks of Russian invaders, as well as more powerful weapons, such as long-range missiles.

Putin and his henchmen are war criminals and they are trying to use the cold as a weapon to break the spirit of the people of Ukraine. But it’s no meant to happen, and the support of the world community will help ensure that Ukraine can not only survive a difficult winter, but also win the confrontation with the criminal Putin’s regime.