Shelling of churches: Russia killed Ukrainians on Easter night

On Easter night, the RF Armed Forces carried out massive shelling of Ukrainian front-line and border settlements using obsolete Soviet missiles. So, as a result of a strike on the Nikolaev region, 10 S-300 missiles were fired, two teenagers were killed, and on the territory of the Zaporozhye region, a targeted attack was made on the church in Kamyshevakh. Russia is scaling up missile terror, which will provoke huge casualties among Ukrainian civilians.

Thus, the Russian military-industrial complex is rapidly modernizing the above-mentioned S-300 missiles, which are available in the Russian Federation in huge quantities, and the converted FAB-500 bombs, for their use as guided ones, are already being launched by Russian aviation on the settlements of Ukraine. Putin is preparing for the mass use of such tactics. In the coming months, this may lead to a sharp increase in lethal losses among civilian Ukrainians.

Russia stepped up its rocket terror on Easter night, once again confirming its reputation as an Orthodox ISIS that destroyed 494 religious institutions in Ukraine during a full-scale war. Russia lacks military equipment for a large-scale offensive, and attempts to capture Bakhmut have led to tens of thousands of casualties in the Russian Armed Forces and among the Wagner Group mercenaries in recent months. Therefore, Russia is rethinking tactics and modernizing Soviet missiles and air bombs for massive strikes exclusively on populated areas. Putin’s actions have become quite predictable — the more Russia’s military potential dries up, the more bloody war crimes it is ready to commit. In this case, Russia’s goal is to cause as many casualties as possible among Ukrainian civilians and destroy as much housing and industrial infrastructure as possible in order to make the territory of Ukraine uninhabitable. This is a deliberate genocide and a crime against humanity — it makes no sense from the point of view of the logic of hostilities. Putin wants to kill as many Ukrainians as possible, whom he hates.

To prevent the crime planned by Putin, urgent measures must be taken — the weakening of Russia must be comprehensive. Sanctions against the terrorist state must continue, because they are bearing fruit and significantly narrow the window of opportunity for the Russian army, and the supply of modern air defense systems will help evenly close the sky over Ukraine, saving the lives of thousands of civilians.