Security of Ukraine will ensure peaceful skies over Europe


  • Ukraine is ready to be neutral, but can no longer trust Russia. Therefore Ukraine needs security guarantees from other nations to help the country if active hostilities resume. Recall the Russian-Chechen wars, when Russia was defeated the first time and then went for another attack three years on. Russia could act by the same playbook in Ukraine even after a peace treaty is signed.
  • Ukraine could defend its neutrality on its own if it was properly armed, but it will take a lot of time and money to create a much more advanced defense industry in Ukraine. Therefore, massive supplies of modern weaponry (anti-tank missiles, munitions, air defense systems, etc.), as well as major funding and training on the part of the West, is by far the minimum that is needed to defeat Russia before it attacks NATO allies.
  • In addition to providing Ukraine with the required funding and arms, Europe needs to work internally to exert pressure on certain Western nations and individual top officials, who openly or latently support the Kremlin. Support for Russia or inaction that plays in Russia’s favor must be stopped. At the moment, forces should be focused on the economic and military suppression of Russian aggression in Ukraine.
  • Western nations must realize that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is just the first stage in Moscow’s effort to destabilize Western democracy and foster its collapse. By destroying evil (Russia) at the root, we will get rid of the threat looming over our nations and ensure a peaceful future for our children, with no gunshots and explosions over their heads.