Russian missile strikes are acts of terrorism against peaceful Ukrainians: the West should introduce the full range of possible sanctions against the Russian military-industrial complex

On January 14, Russia launched a new massive missile attack on Ukraine. In the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, the Russians hit an apartment building, where more than 40 civilians died.

Today, even after the ninth package of sanctions, a significant number of industries critically important for Russia managed to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the West. Despite the sanctions, the Russians produce missiles with twice the efficiency of peacetime. This is due to the fact that Moscow manages to bypass the sanctions mechanisms.

Russia is not able to significantly replenish its missile reserves on its own, so it is actively looking for help from other countries, focusing significant efforts on increasing the production of missiles by purchasing microcircuits through third countries.

The West prohibited the supply of a significant part of dual-purpose goods to Russia with previous packages of sanctions. Now the Russians disassemble household appliances for the use of their elements in military systems, in particular, in the production of missiles and UAVs. Therefore, it is necessary to make decisions to deprive Russia of access to dual-purpose goods that allow it to launch missiles and UAVs.

The West should introduce the full range of possible sanctions against the Russian military industry in order to completely destroy the production of missiles and UAVs in the Russian Federation, in particular, measures to control the export of dual-purpose goods.

In addition, NATO countries can provide Ukraine with various types of long range weapons, which could destroy missile production plants on the territory of Russia itself. With its terrorist actions and missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, Russia itself is bringing the war to its territory.