Russian embassies are hotbeds of propaganda and espionage, a direct threat to the whole world

Russian embassies seem to have long forgotten about the essence of diplomacy. Spy passions or propaganda conspiracies are much closer and more understandable to them. It is no coincidence that in the history of world diplomacy there are plenty of stories with the participation of Russian diplomats, who along the way also mastered the role of espionage and mission. This is quite logical, given that Moscow is sending significant funds and resources to undermine the situation in the world.

Russia regularly openly ignored and boycotted the implementation of diplomatic agreements, traditionally manipulating and shifting the blame for this to the other side. After all, the principle “they are not there” and “everything goes according to plan” fits well into the Russian diplomatic concept.  Therefore, the Kremlin’s scheme of big lies is constantly overgrown with new myths and fakes, threats and ultimatums, and in Russian diplomacy there is more propaganda than diplomacy itself. Russian diplomats worked for a long time in all these propaganda and espionage areas, becoming in fact breeding grounds for propaganda and espionage and posing a direct threat to the West. This was recently stated by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, stressing that he sees no point in the presence of Russian ambassadors in the countries of the European Union and urging other countries to join. Lithuania expelled the Russian ambassador back in the spring of 2022 in response to the killings of civilians in Bucha, and in January the Baltic countries Estonia and Latvia announced the expulsion of Russian ambassadors.

Does the Russian Federation have the right to use diplomacy, violating these rules everywhere and regularly? And not only the rules of diplomacy, but all the existing rules of coexistence, committing terrible crimes against Ukraine and its inhabitants. And there are already plenty of confirmations of the crimes of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. These are destroyed houses, hospitals, monuments, schools, cultural institutions, power supply systems. Since autumn, the Russians have actually carried out the genocide of the Ukrainians, destroying energy supply facilities, thus leaving civilians without heat, water, and means of communication during the cold season. Millions of people were forced to flee because Russia invaded Ukraine and occupied part of the territory. According to a UN report published earlier, at least 4.8 million people from Ukraine turned out to be in Europe alone, who became refugees because of the war. The number of internal migrants was estimated at about 8 million people. Every day there is more and more grief and death in Ukraine. But Ukrainians continue to courageously oppose the aggressor country, which, without exaggeration, destroyed the general design of the post-war structure of Europe.  The Russian policy of hybrid expansion in Europe is systemic and coordinated and uses all available instruments of hybrid impact. Describing the powerful arsenal of this influence, first of all it should be mentioned that Russian diplomats are the in instruments of the massive, offensive propaganda. It is clear that there is no smell of diplomacy here. It smells of aggression, terror and threats. This is enough to say «no» and declare Russian diplomats persona non grata in Europe and the world.

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