Russian Doctors Alliance warns of false claims by authorities and intimidation of doctors

CORONAVIRUS: Appeal to the doctors of Russia

Novel Coronavirus is raging around the world.  But here in Russia we have raging asymptomatic pneumonia.  In addition we have an epidemic of lies and threats made against our doctors by the authorities.  

You, our Russian doctors were mobilised to fight an epidemic of asymptomatic pneumonia.  At the same time you are forced to cover up the real situation, the lack of protective equipment. You are forced to sew your own protective surgical masks and wash them regularly.   You are not supplied with protective equipment. This is stupidity on the part of the authorities and you know it. The bureaucrats want to avoid panic, but panic is caused when the people can feel that information is being concealed from them.  

Sooner or later the authorities will get confused in their lying and we, the doctors will get the blame.   Right now, while avoiding use of the word Coronavirus they are redesignating ordinary hospital wards and even maternity wards for “Pneumonia” treatment.  

At the same time they are talking about raising the salaries of all doctors who are fighting Coronavirus.  

Government Bureaucrats and the administrations of hospitals have cheated us before.  Before they were stealing our money, not paying our wages and making redundancies. But now everything is far more serious.  

By not supplying us with protective equipment while at the same time feeding us lies about pneumonia rather than Coronavirus, they are making us medics carriers of the infection, which is deadly for our elderly relatives, our grandmothers and grandfathers.  Doctors are writing that they do not have the resources to test people for Coronavirus. As a result we cannot identify where we have pneumonia and where we have a deadly infection.  

According to global statistics, young. healthy adults and children 

can get infected with Coronavirus almost without symptoms.  As a result the doctors can pick up an infection from what they think is a pneumonia infection and carry it on their own two legs back home to their relatives and eventually turn thousands more people into infected carriers.   This will eventually lead to a real catastrophe. 

At this moment in time  bed spaces for so called asymptomatic pneumonia are already critically short all over the country.  

Doctors, medics, we appeal to you not to stay silent if you are asked to work with “Pneumonia” patients without necessary protective equipment and respirators.   

We are responsible for the health  of our elderly population. Ordinary surgical masks and lab coats which you bring home are not protective equipment.  They are an imitation of protection. Our goal now should be to demand the protective equipment which is used all over the world.  It is an important part of our responsibility to our patients. 

The failure to supply you with protective equipment is a crime against the people.  Soon it may be too late. I am imploring your to stop being led by the ambitions of politicians.   You should refuse to work without necessary protective equipment and demand that it be provided. They will intimidate you and threaten you with being fired.  But threats against you and even members of your family are nothing compared to the risk of you falling ill and making your family members ill.  

Under the law they have no right to make you work without supplying the necessary working conditions.  If they do not provide protective equipment, if they force you to lie and manipulate statistics, if they make you support processes to encourage people to vote in referendums to change the constitution during an epidemic , do not be silent.  Contact the alliance of doctors. We will help you, we will protect you.