Russia is sinking into a hole

Casually and nonchalantly, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has confirmed a budget hole. Meanwhile, military operations along with the ongoing mobilization and outflow of the population only widen it. Instead of pulling the country out of the cesspool, Putin is spending trillions to drag Ukraine into the same pit. A third of all expenditures in the 2023 budget the Russian authorities will allocate for their failing army. Indeed, why invest in economy if you can invest in war.

The deferred effect of the sanctions is starting to show, while the standard of living of ordinary Russians is declining. As usual, the only expenses that rose were those for the President and Duma. It’s a classical situation too familiar all across Russia: the rich get all riches, and slaves get slavery.

Putting on a sly smile, Putin claims that «Russia’s confident development is, first of all, a new quality of life in the regions.» But in what direction is this “new quality” heading? Isn’t it just “negative growth”? Most Russians still use outdoor loos,  heat their homes by burning firewood, melt ice because they have no other water, and rejoice over the news of yet another missile attack on Ukraine that left Ukrainians with no electricity and heating. And while the Russians, burdened with debts, are struggling to live to another payday, while naively believe in Putin’s stories about the greatness and might of their country, Kadyrov, Prigozhin, and others allies of Russia’s “greatest geopolitical strategist” are siphoning off budget funds, stuffing their basements with foreign currency cash and gold. Prices are rising, Russians have become outcasts all over the world. But there is money for the czar and his entourage. For the sake of their comfort, it’s probably okay to forget about the collapsing transport, health care, and the entire economy.

The “special military operation” unexpectedly exposed a «new» Russia, with false ideas, where everything has been looted and stolen. War is costly. Putin’s attempts to play Russia’s expansion are costing ordinary Russians dearly. Against the backdrop of the general impoverishment of the population, with dozens of ghost towns abandoned by their broke residents, Russian authorities make a “wise” decision to start building cities in Ukraine. Construction of a new city has begun in Kherson region, Russian-appointed head of administration Volodymyr Saldo said: “We will try to compete with Mariupol in a good way, which of us will build new neighborhoods, schools, kindergartens, and roads faster.”

But if you look at the situation taking into account that construction and «reconstruction» works harbor the perfect loopholes for embezzlement, the logic of officials is clearly visible. A true patriot, of course, will not see any links, but it’s an ordinary Russian, who always pays for Putin’s «generosity and gifts», one way or another.

Meanwhile in Russia, everything is going according to plan. And if the plan is to destroy Russia, then it is going at an accelerated pace.

But it’s okay though. That’s what we need, we’re not interested in politics, right?


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