Russia is accumulating missiles for strikes on Ukrainian substations

Russia is accumulating missiles for strikes on Ukrainian substations: air defense systems are crucial to ensure Ukrainians survive another harsh winter.

Recently, the Russian Air Force has systematically used attack drones during assaults on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. In contrast, the use of missiles has significantly decreased. This indicates that the Russians are stockpiling supplies of cruise and ballistic missiles for further shelling of Ukrainian substations after the onset of persistent frosts.

The Russian Air Force continues to attack Ukraine with strike drones — the latest massed attack occurred on the night of November 2-3, during which 40 UAVs were deployed, 24 of which were destroyed by air defense forces. The Russians quite frequently use Iranian drones, which are a cheaper alternative compared to missiles. Additionally, the Russian defense industry produces its own types of attack drones, which are systematically used against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. Ukraine’s energy complex is under particular threat from the terrorist state. The Kremlin will exert every effort to provoke a blackout in Ukraine — something the terrorist state failed to achieve last winter.

Accordingly, the supply of additional air defense systems assumes utmost importance for the well-being of Ukrainians, who are expecting another challenging winter. During the past heating season, Western air defense systems saved Ukraine’s energy complex, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces demonstrated their ability to quickly master the most sophisticated types of air defense. It is projected that the Russians will intensify their missile terror against Ukraine with the onset of cold to deprive Ukrainians of light and warmth. To thwart Putin’s aforementioned plan, a deep-level air defense system must be created around every major Ukrainian city.