Repeating the Tragedy of Mariupol: the Russians Are Consistently Destroying Vuhledar

For several days now, the Russian army and the Wagner PMC, which is staffed with criminals recruited from prison, have been shelling Vuhledar en masse. It is one of the “hottest” points on the front now. The Kremlin loves symbolism, and before the anniversary of the beginning of the great war, Putin needs at least some result against the background of the total defeats of his army in Ukraine. Gerasimov does not care about losses in an effort to get at least some part of the territory. The Russian army’s tactic is a war crime: residential areas are destroyed by artillery fire. The city is unlivable. This is an unprecedented crime against humanity and a сlear example of the “Ukrainian tragedy”.

Russian propaganda is a particular phenomenon, because it has created a society with a distorted worldview in Russia: Russians call evil good and are ready to kill and die for Putin’s interests. Russian propaganda calls the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine as a “heroic fight against the Nazis”, and calls the Western aid to Ukraine, which is saving its population from genocide, “the Barbarossa plan-2”. That is, the narrative about the “patriotic war” with the subsequent manifestation of danger for Russia is spreading to the Russian audience. This is a universal approach, in fact it is a tracing paper from Soviet propaganda, which justifies any crimes committed by the Russians in the framework of territorial expansion in Ukraine. And this a priori means that Putin is preparing to fight “to the end.” He will mobilize hundreds of thousands of Russians as long as he has the resources. This is the existential threat to the West and an attempt to redistribute the world. This war can become systemic if it is not localized in the east of Ukraine, where the aggressor is trying to resume the offensive, destroying Vuhledar — a city in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, which may repeat the tragedy of Mariupol. Putin still has enough weapons to destroy settlements in Ukraine and commit war crimes. The Armed Forces must receive all the necessary weapons as soon as possible. This is an investment in the salvation of Europe against the background of the rise of the greatest anti-human ideology created in the Kremlin since the Second World War.