Putin’s Serbian path

— War crimes that the Russian Federation is committing in Ukraine are identical to those of the Serbian army in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where the genocide of the civilian population was also recorded.

— Following the example of Srebrenica, Russian troops are destroying Ukrainian cities. Having failed to defeat the Ukrainian Army, the Russians avenge civilians, destroying civilian facilities, shelling humanitarian convoys, and dropping bombs on shelters.

— Putin sounds more and more like Slobodan Milosevic in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Serbian dictator also liked to talk about the need to achieve unity between the “divided and oppressed” Serbs.

— Putin is facing a dock. The International Court of Justice has launched an inquiry into the crimes committed by Putin’s regime. The ICJ is not bound in its work by any issues of immunity of top official.

— Russia is actively manipulating, speculating, and misinterpreting the concept of genocide. Russian officials at various international platforms constantly repeat that the Ukrainian authorities had been engaged in the alleged genocide» targeting the «people of Donbas» and that this is precisely what drove Russia to launch a special military operation against Ukraine.

— Since the onset of Russian aggression in February 2014 and until February 24, 2022, no facts of “genocide” of Russian speakers in Donbass or any other region of Ukraine have been recorded or documented.

— The only thing Russia is capable of is destroying schools, kindergartens, hospitals, churches, theaters, and other civilian facilities. By committing these inhuman acts, the Kremlin is trying to shift public opinion toward the allegation that civilian objects are hosting nationalist battalion fighters.

— Thirty-nine member states of the Rome Statute declared the need to investigate criminal actions taken by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, specifically as regards the commission of crimes against humanity, and to bring to justice the individuals responsible for them.

— Putin will fact the same kind of fate as Slobodan Milosevic, as well as leaders of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan at the Nuremberg and Tokyo military tribunals.

— Russian authorities will face the same fate at the International Criminal Tribunal as representatives of the former Yugoslav leadership in the self-proclaimed entities, in particular, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. There will be trials, following the example of the Muammar Gadaffi case and the arrest warrant for former Sudanese President Omar al Bashir.