Large police forces will be mobilized tonight for the protest of Palestinians on the coastal front of Finikoudes.

Police have been officially informed about the event, which will start at 8 p.m. and will take draconian measures.

The major policing operation will involve many police departments, including members of the MMAD. The event is organized by the Union of Palestinian Women, which called, through a statement, all people in Cyprus to participate in order to reject, as it is reported, «the crimes of the Zionist genocide against our people in Gaza, which affected children, women, the elderly and trees» and to support «the stability of our people and our heroes».

The Police are also aware of the event of the Union of Jewish Communities of Cyprus next Tuesday at 5 pm outside the Jewish synagogue in Larnaka, where even more draconian security measures will be taken.

The organizers call for «an event of solidarity and prayer for Israel, its soldiers, for the speedy recovery of the wounded and the return of prisoners to their families.»