On the Last Day of the Year, Putin Carried Out Massive Attacks on Residential Infrastructure in Ukraine: Russia Must Be Punished for Its War Crimes

This is a fact that available forces and means does not allow Russia to do anything at the front. Even the partial mobilization did not affect the course of the war in any way. Putin launched a systematic terror of the civilian population of Ukraine: on the last day of the year, more than 20 X-101 pretargeted missiles were fired at the residential infrastructure of Kyiv. Immediately after the the New Year began, the Russians launched more than 50 drones in the direction of Kyiv, which were moving exclusively to the capital of Ukraine. This is a confirmation of the meanness and baseness of the so-called “Russian world”, which in response to its weakness and primitiveness kills women and children.

The shelling of Kyiv on December 31 is a symbol of the meanness and baseness of Putin’s regime. Russia has declared to the whole world that it will continue to kill Ukrainians. The Kremlin has a special attitude to the symbolism of dates: in the first hours of the new year, several dozen drones were launched in the direction of Kyiv, which, despite the burden of war and daytime shelling, celebrated the New Year in an atmosphere of patriotism. Kyivans greeted the New Year with a collective performance of the national anthem, demonstrating to Putin that they are strong. Before that, of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine O. Reznikov’s address to the Russians was published, where he actually revealed the Kremlin’s plans on speedy general mobilization and the RF’s borders closure. Russian propaganda has reacted with real hysteria. It is not surprising that Putin, in response, decided to “congratulate” the people of Kyiv with the New Year in the spirit of “Russian world”: dirty and low, with dozens of drones towards the capital of Ukraine.

Propaganda brochures are distributed to Russian mobilized on the front lines, in which they call for the killing of all Ukrainians “without exception”, claiming that “they are not people.” Similar tactics have been tested during ethnic cleansing on the example of many wars, and Russian propaganda spares no resources to incite Russians to genocide Ukrainians. Soon, a general mobilization will begin in Russia and Putin will send hundreds of thousands of new suiciders to the front. Against the background of imminent defeat, Putin is trying to delay as much as possible his ignominious end as the ruler of Russia, who in one moment destroyed what was decades in the making. Russia is a terrorist state, and this status must be approved at the level of the parliaments of Western countries.

The war will not end in the near future, it is a global challenge that Putin has thrown to the entire civilized world. Therefore, Ukraine is in great need of the West’s support. Weapons for the Armed Forces are a contribution to the peaceful future of Europe and a necessary investment in defeating the common enemy of the whole world, which seeks to revive totalitarian evil.

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